Is Cassava good for diabetes?

Cassava is the starchy roots mainly cultivated in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The starch plants are used in making different meals and Tapioca. The enriched source of starch is a favorite food item for many people. But sometimes, overconsumption can cause health issues like diabetes.

Diabetic patients or those suspected of this disease because of family history before consuming it always thinking that is Cassava good for diabetes? If you have the same question and crave this nutritious food but don’t know if it is good for you, then let’s clarify your concept that is Cassava for diabetes or not? Let’s look at the discussion.

Nutritional Value of Cassava

Many researches have been made to answer is Cassava good for diabetes. According to studies, it has been revealed that Cassava is a healthier option for those who have diabetes. It is because it has a relatively low glycemic level compared to beetroots, sweet potatoes, or potatoes.  Therefore, it can be taken by diabetic or prediabetic patients but less.

One study was conducted in 1994, in which Cassava was given to Africans who have a habit of eating Cassava regularly. It was noted that people who consume it as a meal have lower chances of having diabetes. Because of the presence of resistant starch, it bypasses digestion and acts like soluble fiber. Thus, this makes it beneficial for the people, and there is less risk of getting high levels of blood sugar after consuming it.

Benefits Of Cassava

For people with diabetes who always wonder is Cassava good for diabetes or not for them, the good news is that they can intake it with confidence. It is rich in resistant starch that feeds the healthy flora of bacteria and helps in the reduction of inflammation. Therefore, it promotes digestive health. Moreover, it improves metabolic health also. Thus, the liver stays healthy, and there is less risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Due to improved digestive health, the body can maintain blood sugar levels, give a feeling of fullness, and ultimately reduce the appetite.

Best for a restricted diet

If you are obese and diabetics and on a restricted diet, then the answer to the question that Cassava is good for diabetes goes in your favor. Even if you are intolerant to grains, gluten, or wheat, the Cassava is also a wonderful choice to fulfill your appetite. It is because tapioca or Cassava is free of grains and gluten, thus best to replace wheat-based products.  You can use it as a thickener in soup or baking instead of flour.

The Cassava improves liver health and helps in the production of insulin. Therefore, a diabetic patient can intake it in a limited amount as its digestion is easy. So, if your intake cassava, it will manage your body health, and you will have a good meal to eat.


Cassava has a low glycemic index that predicts starchy content in a particular food item to affect blood sugar levels. In glycemic index, its number is 46 low and does not cause any serious impact on blood sugar level. So, for diabetic patients’ Cassava is the healthier choice. But wait, don’t consume too much as it can be toxic also. Only take a limited amount to be beneficial, not harmful for your health. Consume it with a limit as it’s better than potatoes having a glycemic index of 85. Now you have got an answer to the question is Cassava good for diabetes, and it is yes. So, if you love this food item, then consume it with confidence and enjoy it.

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