Is An i7 Laptop Good for Gaming? What You Need to Know

Most gamers will tell you that, if you are looking for a way to play the most immersive and interactive games, then your best bet is to invest in an old-fashioned desktop computer.

However, if you are a gamer who likes to play  manytoons  competitively and enjoys traveling, then this poses an issue, as you cannot exactly pack a desktop computer into your backpack.

Many gaming laptops are available today but, more interestingly, there are lots of laptops that are not specifically designed for gaming that can handle the task quite well. In this manytoon instance, the Lenovo i7 is the laptop in question, and in this article, you will be introduced to the advantages that it has to offer to gamers. Enjoy.


First things first, when it comes to buying a gaming laptop, most people expect to pay thousands of dollars. However, with the i7 Lenovo Laptops, this is not the price tag that comes with it. Instead, this brand of laptop is more affordable for many, but has a lot of the same extras that you would expect from a more traditional gaming laptop, making it something of an ideal budget buy for those who are new to gaming.


It can be seen as the bane of gamers everywhere. You are in the middle of a game and then the battery begins to die or cuts out altogether. Plus, with the high demand that games put on rexdlcom  the computer’s RAM, CPU, and other systems, many gamers will not even consider buying a laptop for gaming that does not offer a good life span. The battery on the Lenovo i7 is estimated to be between 8-10 hours without charging, which is great. However, please note that when it comes to 4K games and those that demand more from the GPU, this may be shortened.


As mentioned earlier, many games that are played via the internet and are high definition will place a lot of demand on your system. This will result in the computer trying to keep up and potentially overheating, which can cause the computer to crash. So, you will want to invest in a laptop that has a superior cooling system, which the i7 does have. Once again, depending on the graphics and other factors in the game, you may need to install more vents in the computer and place a few fans around it.


The GPU is the graphics processing unit, which is vital for game playing, especially if you are a gamer who loves to be fully immersed in the games. Most gaming laptops have a higher GPU than standard computers and, as you may have guessed, the i7 offers a superior GPU, with its integrated Xe graphics. Of course, if you need a bit more power from the GPU, you can always upgrade it.


The i7 does allow for more upgrades to turn it into the ultimate gaming laptop, such as GPU, CPU, and RAM upgrades being easier to install and run than with other computers. This allows you to buy it for a lower price and then upgrade it to the status of a true gaming acmarketnet laptop.