Internet browsing through a proxy server

Every day, millions of people go online to get information, exchange messages and content, have fun and work. Modern technologies not only offered the global information network as a great tool for many people and their most varied affairs, but also made it possible to track users thanks to the IP address. By it, you can determine a person, his location and other information, it all depends on the means and goals.

However, many do not like this, and for some it does not suit at all. For example, those who are engaged in promotion on the Internet and social networks need to create visible activity so that it can then be picked up by algorithms and turned into real activity. For different tools and manual promotion, there are special proxy servers that change the user’s address on the Internet. You can access this website for more options.

You can find and buy such paid proxy servers on the website, where there is a division by country. There are not only high-speed HTTP (s) proxies, but also Socks proxies, which are suitable not only for surfing through a browser, but also for working through various software and utilities. For the tools of an SMM specialist, as well as others, these servers are great and allow you to continue to work efficiently and fruitfully without reducing the connection speed.

It is important to note that when dozens or even hundreds of proxies are needed, the cost of access to them is very important. On the site above, it is excellent in terms of value for money. Users usually use proxies to anonymize traffic or access a site where certain restrictions apply.

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Request servers are suitable for:
and other social networks and services

Only paid high-quality proxies allow you to hide the fact that some kind of software is working instead of a person. The algorithms of various services, where promotion and promotion are often needed, closely monitor activities similar to automated requests. So a proxy is one way.

Varieties of proxy servers

There are no uniform standards for dividing proxy servers into types. They differ in visibility, caching, protocol, geolocation, privacy:

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Transparent. This is the simplest view; the browser does not indicate how to configure such a server. If your ISP uses this type of proxy, you will work through them. It is impossible to independently connect to them or cancel their use. Such a server intercepts traffic and creates the feeling that it does not exist at all.
Anonymous. Hides the IP address. This option is for you if you want to hide your location and avoid annoying targeted ads. Such a server changes your IP address from time to time to ensure maximum privacy.
Distorting. Functions the same as anonymous, but deliberately transmits a false address. Allows you to bypass local restrictions.

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Reverse proxy. Hides the address of the server to which the request was made. The tool allows you to control access to the server and database. Due to information caching, this server significantly reduces traffic.

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