In Need of a Welding Machine? Here’s How to Choose the Best

Joining materials together has never been an easy task. It is even more challenging when the materials in question are metals. Welding is a field that involves the joining of these metals by using specialized welders. Read on and understand how to choose a welder when and if you need one.


Many machines exist whose function is joining metals. These are called welders. However, few of them serve the same purpose. It can be hard to choose the type of welder you want. If you are in such a position, this article is for you. It is also for you who are interested in welders. I have outlined the factors that you need to consider when buying a welder in this piece. See gas welding machine price in Kenya.


Welders deliver work of a certain standard. The quality of work for each welder is different. The machine you choose depends on what you need and the kind of work you want done.

Amps available

The amp number tells the temperature. A higher amp number corresponds to a higher temperature, while a low one corresponds to lower temperature. This information determines the type of electrode and welding process. It also guides base material and application.

Type of material

You need a device that not only works but works well with the material you are working on. Also, consider the state of the metal you’re using, whether it is clean or rusted. Some welders work on multiple metals, while others work only on one. Choosing a device that does not coincide with the type of metal you’re using because it could cause complications to your welding machine.

Duty cycle

This is the number of minutes in ten that a welder can work continuously without overheating or shutting off. Welders with high duty cycles have a high output and vice versa. The productivity of your welder highly impacts your work output. Choosing a welder with a high duty cycle saves you time in the long run since more work is done and faster. Such a machine would raise your work productivity immensely.


The type of welder you buy is largely impacted by how much you have set aside for it. Heavier machines with diverse options are more expensive than lighter machines with basic functionalities. However, depending on the needs you want to address, choosing a more lightweight machine might be more viable.

Type of current

Welders use alternating current (AD) or direct current (DC). Some offer both. Generally, DC is the preferred method because it has higher output. However, when a higher temperature is needed, the AC is better.


Many types of welders are in the market. There are oxy Acetylene welders that use gas, energy beam welders that join metals of different kinds, and shielded material Arc-welding machines that use flux-covered electrode rods, to name a few. To select the best type you must know how to look and what to look for.

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