In 2021, how to make and sell stickers online

When you were a kid, did you collect stickers from bubble gum to put on all your binders and pencil cases?

The popularity of stickers makes them an ideal way to start a small business. It’s a fun, inexpensive way to express yourself, and you’ll find them on online marketplaces like Etsy.

Nowadays, you can purchase stickers online that are unique, high-quality, high-quality pieces of art that come in many styles and genres, unlike those bubble-gum stickers. You can decorate everyday items with them, whether you stick them on laptops, phone cases, or notebooks. Water bottles covered in cute VSCO girl stickers became a viral accessory when the trend began in 2019.

Creating stickers from your work is a simple process if you’re an artist. You are the only one who is limited by your creativity if you are a newcomer.

With sticker shops, entrepreneurs can enter entrepreneurship relatively easily and at a relatively low cost. You can use this guide to learn more about why you should make stickers, how to print them, and where you can sell them. Additionally, two shop owners will share how their sticker businesses have flourished.

Here are some guide for how to sell stickers online

What is the purpose of stickers? 

There is no end to the possibilities of stickers. Illustrations, scripted letters, and pictures can all be turned into cute stickers. Make them in any size and shape, and add special touches such as holographic glitter or clear backgrounds.

You can definitely sell stickers online if you want to make them and make them. The market research company eRank tracked trending items on Etsy in September 2021, and “stickers” appeared to be the 11th-most searched item. 

Making stickers from your artwork is simple if you’re already an artist. It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not, your creativity is the only limit. In any style you make, you’re sure to find a buyer, as stickers are used to express individuality and passion.

Milchteanco, a sticker shop specializing in kawaii-style designs, is owned by Ilona Lin. She worked in sales before opening a sticker shop full-time to follow her passion for art.

Her thirst for creativity was not sated by meeting a sales quota. While everyone was inside during COVID, Ilona started her shop. I realized I now have the time and the passion to start my own business after watching videos and reading stories of people who started their own businesses from home.”

The materials for making stickers are a more economical business investment than other products, and they do not require much storage space. For small batches, stickers cost less than $1 each

 With third-party printing services; for larger orders, stickers cost even less. Home printing eliminates waste and overstocking problems resulting in stickers made to order. Shipping is also easy, since most orders only need a small rigid envelope.

Designing stickers for sale: the best way

Choosing exactly what your stickers will look like is the hardest part of starting a sticker business. Among so many possibilities, the first challenge will be figuring out how to identify your brand and style and then optimizing them for sticker use.

Get inspired and find your niche

Taking into account the large number of sticker shops already available, you need to find your own style. 

In order to recreate a cute cartoon version of her cat, Milkie, Ilona created a remix of different designs.

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