Important Websites for Budding Influencers

A few years back, there was no term like “Influencer” or “digital creator”. The rise of social media has given birth to many new jobs like influencers, content creators, digital marketing managers and many more. The last decade has been a game-changer for many fields. An influencer is a person who has his/her impact on a certain kind of audience. The person has a particular niche that creates a lot of engagement on social media. They impart their knowledge and experience through their posts. By creating and following trends, they encourage their followers or subscribers to buy a certain product or service.

In the words of Marsha Collier, an American author –  “Content-based marketing gets repeated in social media and increases word-of-mouth mentions; it’s the best way to gather buzz about a product.”

Such is the power of content creation from the influencers. Let us see some important websites that can be of great use for budding influencers.

1. CreatorIQ

CreaterIQ is an Influencer Marketing platform for Instagram, that acts as a cloud for the business. It works as a recognizing tool for businesses to find celebrities, influencers, and creators to collaborate with. It helps an influencer and businesses to analyze their performance. It identifies fraud and inauthentic followers, and false reach of content. It uses AI and ML-based algorithms to analyze the content in a matter of a few seconds.

2. Falcon

Know for its amazing scheduling processes, Falcon is also an influencer marketing platform for different social media platforms. It allows you to frame a structured set of features that help with the engagement using regular content publishing. The features of the content calendar and campaign planner are very useful. The content calendar shows your content in a structured manner. You can schedule, edit, preview, and publish your social media posts on all the platforms. The campaign planner allows you to collaborate on different campaigns.

3. PDFSimpli

If you are looking for a website to manage your PDF and Word documents, PDFSimpli is the answer. No matter what your profession is, documents are always going to be a part of your life. PDFSimpli is a PDF editor, PDF converter and many more. It allows easy handling of PDF and Word documents. It can merge several PDFs and split them according to your command. Converting PDF to Word and vice versa are the most common operations searched online, and PDFSimpli can perfectly help in performing these.

4. Pixlr

A lot of work of Influencers involves sharp and perfect looking pictures. This calls for a perfect photo editor. Pixlr is a photo editing website that gives a lot of editing features for no price at all. It is cloud-based with many tools and utilities to edit and share images. It is very user friendly and gives pictures a very professional edit. It has a large number of templates and designs that can be applied to editing pictures.


Every budding influencer needs to plan their content in time. These websites will help you organize and plan your content efficiently. Effective and good work ethics can make a person reach new heights in no time.

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