Important Factors to Check When a Buying Chaff Cutter in Kenya

Farmers increased demand for chaff cutters has a positive impact on their production. They look for products that can satisfy them without hiking their expenses. They have embraced this new technology as it is one of the best farmer investments. This article elaborates on the physical features and types of chaff cutters. It also explains points to look for when choosing chaff cutters.

Farmers have advanced in technology of cutting hay, fodder, and straw, from manual cutting to chaff cutters. It is easy for farmers to make palatable food for their livestock easily by mixing and storing it properly; their life is better than before they owned such equipment.

Points to asses when choosing chaff cutters

1. A powered or manualcutter

A powered cutter is suitable for a large-scale farmer rearing many animals. Farmers use either electricity or diesel-powered cutters. Farmers position electric-powered ones near the power source; diesel-powered ones are portable.

Small-scale farmers use manual cutters. However, it depends on how comfortable you are when handling it.

2. Amount of work to be done

Large-scale farmers have more work compared to small-scale farmers. Large-scale farmers should choose big-powered machines; this saves them the time and energy they use.

Small-scale farmers have less work; this makes the small and medium cutters effective for them.

3. Size

The diesel chaff cutter price in Kenya varies in the sizes available in the market. Big-size cutters are more expensive than medium and small sizes. In this case, your budget is more important – a farmer with a small budget suits a medium or a small size.

4. Quality

Choose a cutter that is of good quality. A trusted company ensures that they meet its user’s needs. A good cutter will last longer; you should ensure the company provides you with a warrant when making a purchase.

Physical features of chaff cutters

  • High performance

The durability of a chaff cutter depends on the quality of the material used to make it. Good quality cutters assure the user of good results hence increasing production. Powered cutters act well on all kinds of straws and herbs. They save the farmer’s efforts and time used in cutting large amounts.

  • Hardened cutting blade

The hardened nature of the blade can resist pressure and wear. It cuts straws into very tiny pieces; hence there is less wastage. This factor also makes the food palatable for the livestock.

  • Fast cutting rate

Large-scale farmers depend on this technology because it is fast. This factor saves the time and effort of the farmer.

The rate depends on the type of cutter you choose:

(a) Mini cutter – It is small in size and manually powered.

(b) Blower cutter – It is medium in size and power. It blows away chaffs while cutting.

(c) Cum pulverize – It’s two in one. It grinds grains and cuts chaff. It’s good for farmers who mix feeds by themselves to cut costs.


As a farmer who wants to invest, you need to check on these points to enjoy the experience of good quality chaff cutter. It would help if you had a good supplier who would be with you throughout your experience, offering after-sale services and support that suit your needs even ten years after purchase. This way you will see the advantages of choosing a good supplier of chaff cutters. Check also feed chopper machine price in kenya.

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