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ChatGPT quickly became popular and attracted 1 million users in just five days. However, the New York Times reported on Google’s serious concerns about the service’s capabilities and its potential threat to the company’s search business.

Users on social media share how they use the chatbot to write scripts, fix code, complete written homework assignments, and other tasks. The editorial team at compiled several examples of how people use ChatGPT and for what purpose.

For solving mathematical problems, a user on Twitter compared Google’s search results with ChatGPT’s response to format a differential equation in LaTeX. The neural network was more efficient and provided an immediate solution, while the search engine’s results were almost useless.

For writing poetry, data processing specialist Pavel Sershen used ChatGPT to help him write a poem. He first asked the chatbot to come up with a metaphor to use in the poem “Is it for me?” and describe its plot. Then, he asked the neural network to provide more information about the structure and content of the poem, as well as suggest better rhymes and tempo. Finally, he requested that the responses be matched with the poetic style of writer Seamus Heaney and used to write the poem.

To create a text description for generating an image in another neural network, the author of a newsletter on AI in art asked ChatGPT to come up with fantastic designs for a living room design project. The bot suggested three options that the author copied to MidJourney—a neural network for generating images based on text descriptions.

For improving a resume, a Twitter user sent their resume to ChatGPT, asking for grammatical corrections, advice on how to improve it, and suggestions for adding more keywords for better indexing in search.

For filing a complaint about a blocked cryptocurrency exchange account, technology blogger Vasily Zubarev (Vastrik) said that after his Coinbase account was blocked, he couldn’t get support to restore his profile for several months. He then asked ChatGPT to write a complaint and sent the result to support. As a result, he was allowed to withdraw funds from the exchange within three days.

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