How to Use a Screen Recorder on PC

Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or a seasoned pro, using a video recorder to record your screen sessions can help you improve your productivity and concentration. You don’t have to be an elite cinematographer to benefit from using a screen recording tool.

In fact, many of the features offered by screen recording software make it easy to use. All you have to do is record what’s happening on your computer screen and save it as a video file. Here are some tips of how to use a screen recorder for your PC.

Set up your camera and mic

Many professional video cameras come with accessories like a mic or an external camera those records in MJPEG format. You can record using the built-in mic or use an external mike at the same time. You may also want to purchase a headset to create a professional-quality recording. If you’re using an external mic, make sure it’s the type that records in MJPEG format.

You can also connect your camera to your computer using the built-in USB port or an external USB mic.

Record using the quick action button

The built-in software on most PCs only lets you record video in slow-motion and do not record in high-quality MJPEG format.

To capture sound and video at the same time, you need to use the best screen recorder for PC. That’s why we recommend using the quick action button on your camera to record sound and video.

To record sound, simply press the microphone button on your camera and record. To record video, just select the video recording mode and the audio input and record.

To create a high-quality recording, you can just record the sound and then use the in-camera mic to capture the video. You can also use an external mic, like the kind you use for recording voice memos.

Add music and voice memo

You can use your camera as a source for sound and video and then capture those files and save them as images or videos. To do that, just select the video or image you want to record, and then select the “Record” option from the camera’s menu.

You can also use the audio input on your computer to record sound and then save the files as images or videos. Then, you can use your camera as a source for sound and video and save those files as images or videos.

Set your project as your top priority

Once you’ve set up your computer to record video, you need to make sure that project is your top priority. This means that you need to spend as much time editing and finalizing the video as you do recording. So, make sure your recording schedule doesn’t conflict with other important tasks.

If you’re a complete amateur who only occasionally records video, it’s not a problem. Every so often, you should record a video that is specific to helping you improve your productivity.

But, if you’re a pro who records video regularly, you can benefit from using an online screen recorder. By putting your recording at the top of your to-do list, you can avoid getting distracted by other tasks and have more time to focus on your recordings.


When it comes to using a screen recorder for PC, there are many options and features to choose from. You can use a free or paid app, or you can use the built-in software on your computer. There are many benefits to using a video recorder, and there’s nothing special about using a desktop video recorder as opposed to a Smartphone.

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