how to record mp3 on mac EASILY

There are many Mac users are asking how to record MP3 on Mac, or how do I record an MP3 on my Mac. The answer is absolutely easy. In this article, we will introduce you two effective methods to record mp3.

Record MP3 on Mac with QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is a built-in recording and screen recording tool for Mac, which not only allows users to play different types of photos, music or videos, but also allows users to record audio from the computer or microphone. The great thing about QuickTime Player is that it doesn’t require you to download it online because it’s pre-installed on your Mac. Follow the steps below to learn how to use QuickTime Player to record MP3 on Mac.

Step1: Open the QuickTime Player application on the Mac, select file button, and click new recording button.

Step2: Click the options pop-up menu if you want to set the quality of audio recording, and record the audio source, such as microphone or system sound.

Step3: Adjust the volume control to listen to the audio you are recording.

Step4: Click the record button to start recording.

Step5: Click the stop button when you’re done, if you want to pause the recording, click the record button; click it again to resume recording.

The Most Effective Method to Record MP3 on Mac with Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit is another good way to record MP3 on Mac. It is safe to use on Mac and Windows. How adaptable is Joyoshare VidiKit in sound recording? When you use it, you reserve the option to record sound from a wide range of sources, for example, media players, music sites, outsider projects, and so on. The kept sound can be put away with great in any configuration, including MP3, OGG, WMA, AC3, WMA, M4B and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You actually have the opportunity to alter or deal with every one of the documents in your own specific manner.

As a professional recording and screen recording software, Joyoshare VidiKit allows Mac/Windows users to record audio from PC system sound or microphone or more, and you can edit the audio by cutting, adding sound effects, modifying ID3 tags. It has a simple interface, and very easy for users to perform any operation. Presently, simply download and introduce it to begin figuring out how to record recognized sound on PC.

Step 1: Run Joyoshare VidiKit and find audio recorder feature

First, complete the download and establishment of the Joyoshare VidiKit program. After running it on the PC, you can open Audio Recorder, click the drop-down menu on the left of start recording, and select the audio source you want to record, such as microphone or system sound, or others.

Step 2: Start recording audio on your computer

The default output format of Joyoshare VidiKit is MP3, so when the sound you want to record is ready, click the start recording button. If you need to record other audio formats like OGG, WMA, AC3, WMA, M4B or others, click the music icon in the lower left corner, and a format setting window will show up, you can do some customized settings like audio format, codec, bit rate or more.

Note: During the recording, you are allowed to slice got sound to the little portions with the furthest right cut recording button. When achieve sound catch, you can simply wind up with the stop recording button.

Step 3 (optional): Edit and Manage Audio Recordings

The recorded sound documents will be in the library. You can snap to enter either ‘All Recordings’ or ‘Most recent Recordings’ to find and find the track you might want to post-process. Then, at that point, push on the ‘Edit’ button to have further activities as underneath.

* Trim: Play the sound recording and delay it where you maintain that it should be cut, utilizing the ‘Start Set’ button and ‘End Set’ button separately to finish fragment choice. On the other hand, you can enter time focuses, being exact to milliseconds, to affirm a segment. Basically click “Cut” button to produce. It’s likewise accessible to rehash these tasks to make more than one managed sounds.

* Impact: Listen to the sound document progressively and use balancer to change. You can likewise apply audio effects, like Full Bass, Large Hall, Pop, Rock, Sharp, and so on in the manner in which you like.

* Tag: This is an inherent ID3 label identifier and supervisor. You can tap on the “Perceive” choice to allow this program to fix and distinguish related sound data, particularly for music track. Additionally, it empowers you to deal with all ID3 labels data, including title, cover, year, classification, arranger, craftsman, and so forth.

The above are the two methods we introduced of how to record MP3 on Mac. QuickTime Player is the built-in screen/audio recorder with basic recording features on Mac, but Joyoshare VidiKit is more professional with much more features for you to record. Hope this article would help you decide how to make an MP3 recording on mac.

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