How to Proudly Represent the Nordic Culture with Viking Jewelry ?

You don’t have to dress as a savage and carry a longsword to represent Nordic culture. One of the ways you can proudly represent Nordic culture is through Viking jewelry. This Viking jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, and rings made by the ancient Norse people. This jewelry is made from rare and precious materials like gold, silver, iron, bronze, and amber.

Even though the ancient Norse men and women were warriors and farmers, respectively, they had a great love for jewelry. Besides wearing this jewelry, they also use it as a currency during trades. That is why most of this Viking jewelry is made from precious materials.

Types of Viking Jewelry

Discussed below are the types of Viking jewelry handcrafted and worn by the Norse people.

1. Necklaces

The Norse men and women in ancient times made necklaces from precious materials like gold and silver. However, these necklaces are not complete if they do not have precious stones as pendants. Most times, these pendants are symbols of the gods they worship or gifts from loved ones.

2. Amulets/Pendants

Another Viking jewelry easily identified with the Nordic culture is amulets are pendants. The Norse people wore amulets with unique designs and symbols.

3. Brooches

Brooches are popular in Nordic culture and used to hold pieces of clothing in place. Even though there are a lot of popular brooches, the main ones are the oval brooch and penannular brooch. However, the oval brooch is more popular among Norse women because they use it to fasten cloaks and aprons.

4. Beads

Beads used by ancient Norsemen to craft jewelry are made from glass and amber. Interestingly, you will find these beads in a lot of Viking necklaces.

5. Earrings

Nordic earrings are quite different from the modern-day earrings you are used to wearing. This is because you can wear Nordic earrings all over your ear instead of allowing them to hang from your earlobe.

6. Rings

Just like in other rich cultures, the ancient Norse men and women wore rings around their fingers. However, these Nordic rings are open-ended, which means they can size all fingers.

7. Bracelets

Bracelets are worn in Nordic culture for fashion and trade purposes. While the rich have bracelets of gold and silver, the poor made theirs from bronze.

Why Viking Jewelry is Worn in Nordic Culture ?

If you have plans of buying Viking jewelry, then you must know the reason it is worn in Nordic culture.

1. For Protection

The Norse people wear Viking jewelry for protection. Most times, this jewelry represents the various gods they worship. Interestingly, different animals are used to symbolize these gods and the symbols are crafted into jewelry.

2. For Trade Purposes

In addition to pennies and farthings, Viking jewelry is also used as a currency in ancient Nordic culture. In a business deal, Norse men and women can cut up their silver jewelry and trade for commodities.

3. To Display Social Status

People belonging to the Nordic culture wear Viking jewelry to display sophistication and social status. While the rich wore jewelry made from gold and silver, the poor among them used bronze. This means you can identify prosperous men and women in Nordic culture by the materials their jewelry is made of.


There are many ways you can proudly represent Nordic culture. If the clothes are not your thing, Viking jewelry is an alternative you will find suitable. Fortunately, you can find a wide variety of Viking jewelry in online stores. Finally, you can reach out to Viking Heritage to get the best nordic culture piece of jewelries.

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