How to Prepare Your Home for a Heating System Installation

Are you planning to start your very first heating system installation in Clemmons, NC but not sure where to begin? Do you know that there is a “home” side of the job and a bit on the “heating system” side? Is there anything you need to do before the installers you hire arrive at your home? 

In this article, we will discuss the “home” side of the heating system installation.

Make Sure Your Home is Well Insulated

It’s not a requirement but would contribute a lot in terms of making your home energy-efficient. When your house is insulated correctly, the heat won’t escape your home, so your heating system won’t use more energy than necessary, leading to significant savings on your utility bills. What’s more, good insulation makes for a healthier home—all that trapped moisture won’t lead to mold growth.

Prepare For New Vents

Most heating systems come with vents; you will need to prepare your walls appropriately so they can be installed quickly and easily. If they cannot fit through the door frame, your house likely needs some extra work before the installers can start their work. Take wallpapers down if necessary and fill in any holes that might get in the way of new vents being attached securely. 

Get Rid of the Clutter

Installers can clean and keep the working area open from the start to the end of the heating system installation process. But it would make the installation process faster if you take care of getting rid of the clutter in the installation area and the way inside. Even if it is just pushing the furniture back and out of the installer’s way, moving things away from the installation area will be helpful. 

Protect Your Valuables

If it’s impossible to remove your valuables in the installation area, at least cover them up. Heating systems can be heavy, bulky machines that often have sharp edges and protruding parts. Make sure you either remove anything breakable or cover it up well enough to avoid it getting damaged or getting someone hurt by accident during the heating system installation process in Clemmons, NC.

Turn the Power Off

Turn off all power that goes into that room or a close surrounding area. This step is crucial to eliminate the risk of electrocution. It’s for the safety of everyone around during the installation, as well as of the installers. 

Your installers will also need access to the breaker box to turn this off before electricity can flow through it again. So before your hired heating system installation team in Clemmons, NC arrives, locate the breaker box.

Tell Your Family

Inform your family or other occupants at home about the installation date so that they can bear with you during this time. You can also ask them to help you out by clearing the installation area. 

Be sure to inform them about how long the installation might take and when they will be done completely too. It is always better to arrange some accommodation plans in advance if needed as well. 

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Don’t Forget the Pets

Take your pets somewhere safer before any work begins on your new heating unit. Pets can be unpredictable around strangers in general, but more often than not, they become downright hostile towards people they don’t know and trust (and even ones they do). It’s just good common sense to relocate all pets before the heating system installation in Clemmons, NC takes place.

Choose the Right Installers

No amount of preparation can completely safeguard you and your property against any accidents. So make sure that your chosen installers are insured and licensed, so in case they get hurt, or your property gets damaged accidentally, you can make a claim. A heating system is costly enough; sure, you don’t want additional expenses that you could otherwise avoid.

Generally, having a well-prepared house can reduce or even completely avoid delays and may even save you money down the road. So don’t hesitate to invest some time and effort doing the “home” side of the job.

And to make sure your heating installation in Clemmons, NC is done properly the first time, contact All About Care Heating & Air at 336-771-9000.

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