How to Play Blackjack Online in a State That Doesn’t Have Online Casinos

Many people enjoy playing online casinos, but not every state has them yet. There are many choices of offshore casinos, but not all of them are to be trusted. Here we can break down which sites are trustworthy and legally licensed so you can play even if your state does not have online gambling.

Blackjack is one of the most common casino games. It is quick paced and easy to get into. Once you understand the rules and how to play, it is a game that can pass the time and is very enjoyable. Through many of these online casinos you can play Blackjack and some even have bonuses attached to playing.

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple and quick paced casino game. The goal of the game is to get as close to getting to 21 without going over. Each player at the table is dealt two cards to start and the dealer gives themselves two, one facing down. You want to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over.

Once everyone has their two cards the dealer goes around the table, where each player can get hit to get more cards to increase their total, or they can stay with what they have and hope they beat the dealer. You can find full tips about blackjack on our site here.

Where to Play Blackjack Online

If you are in a state that does not have legalized online gambling, there are still options out there to play Blackjack online. Sites like Wild Casino, Las Atlantis Casino, El Royale Casino, Bovada Casino and Ducky Luck Casino.

One of the keys to comparing the online casino sites is to look at deposit bonuses. Each site has different welcome bonuses attached to it, which could increase your payout early and give you a bigger refund. Some of these welcome bonuses would work for playing Blackjack, while others would not. It is important to compare welcome bonuses if you are choosing between online casinos.

How Welcome Bonuses Work

Welcome bonuses are a way for online casinos to get the edge up on competition. For example, at Wild Casino, they offer a $5,000 Welcome Bonus. You get a 250% bonus on your first deposit up to $1,000. For the next four deposits, you can get a 100% bonus up to $1,000. These bonuses are an online casino’s way of trying to increase the amount of people who choose them.

Signing Up for Online Casino

You can sign up for any of the free online slot casinos in multiple ways. First you create an account online where you must put in your information. After all your information is in, it is time to deposit. Each site has multiple ways to deposit money. It is important to note that some welcome bonuses require you to put in a promo code to begin the bonus. Once you have deposited in money, you can start

Once you have your money deposited, you can go to the homepage of the online casino. You can find tabs listed for different games that you could be interested in. Usually there is a tab specifically for Blackjack. You can click on it and see different blackjack games that the free online casino has to offer.

Different Types of Blackjack Games

Online casinos have different types of Blackjack usually. These different types of games usually include tournaments, different deck sizes, and different side bets. This gives the user a nice choice of games to allow for the best experience.

Different Offers at Online Casinos

Online casinos have more to offer besides just Blackjack. Lots of slots are offered at each free online casino. Table games such as Roulette, Craps, Poker and Pai Gow are also offered on top of Blackjack. Video Poker is also offered with different games to try. Some online casinos offer specialty games as well.