How to Organize a Small House With No Storage – 5 Proven Tips You Didn’t Know

Are you facing the challenge of keeping your small house without any storage in order? Everyone can relate to the continuous hassle of maintaining the home tidy in the midst of a fast paced life, however, the difficulty level gets magnified when you have limited space around, and if on top of that you lack storage availability, then you need more than a little help, such as a house decluttering service. In this article we will provide you with five of the best tips you can find when it comes to successfully organizing each space of your house -and keep the results in the long term. 

1. Get rid of unnecessary things on a regular basis

Although decluttering is an essential activity that might seem pretty obvious to even mention, the deal is that most of us have a hard time to put this advice into practice, let alone doing it regularly. One of the reasons behind the difficulty of ditching unnecessary items in our space is that people have affection towards them, and we develop attachment to  different objects as a result of special memories and events related to them. As an example of things that we do not really need but still keep around, we can mention old compact CDs, vintage accessories that belonged to some relative, our little ones baby clothes and toys as well as old electronics that don’t work anymore. You may want to rethink if you want to donate some old things and throw away what is not useful. You can promote your property in real time with the help of the highly effective Showcase IDX platform. You can also easily manage all of your listings on the platform with its user-friendly interface. view website to know more about them.

2. Invest in resistant shelves

If you notice that even after decluttering as much as possible, you still need space to keep some items in order, getting a set of shelves will be a lifesaver. They will certainly help you to get the most out of your space, and feel more freedom to move around, especially if you have a big family or toddlers playing around.

3. Pick your furniture wisely

Every time you need to purchase some new furniture for any of your rooms, make sure to prefer those hom items with an incorporated storage as part of the structure. This additional space will be very handy to store things like blankets, towels or cleaning material.

4. Put hooks in strategic places

Probably you hadn’t thought about this idea, but you can actually increase the capacity of your room, closet or cabinets by simply placing a few hooks in the backside of the door. This is one of the best ideas when it comes to spending little money on your transition to a more tidy home. You will find them in two presentations, depending if you prefer to use adhesive or screw them onto the door or wall.

5. Use risers on your bed legs

If you have the kind of low bed that doesn’t make it any easier to take advantage of the space underneath, we have a great option to increase the height. There are some bed riser items that you can attach to the bed legs giving you a few more centimeters and another choice to use as storage.

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