How To Monitor Spouse’s Activities On Iphone?

Spymaster Pro allows you to monitor your spouse’s activities on your iPhone. It records everything they do (such as going through apps), the time they interact with certain apps, and even downloads and saves their call logs.

Is your wife a little too engaged on her new iPhone? If this is unusual behavior for your spouse, then this sudden change could hint at their cheating activities.

Cheating in America and around the world is on the rise. In 2012, a survey report stated that 70% of married women and 54% of married men had no idea about their spouse’s infidelity. These are troubling numbers indeed.

Why do people cheat?

Most people are often blindsided by their partner’s betrayal and are often left asking the question, why? It is always a tough situation to be in, and the hard truth is that there are no easy answers. There are deep anger and disbelief in the situation.

It is tough to believe that your trust was betrayed in such a brutal way. The reasons are varied, as often experts have cited that different reasons motivate both genders and different people. There are a few broad reasons that have come out after years of research:-

1. Feeling a lack of connection

One of the biggest reasons cited for infidelity is the lack of connection people feel after many years of marriage. The relationship becomes unpredictable and familiar. People start craving excitement as life becomes dominated by work and kids, and communication suffers.

2. Not feeling loved

Psychologists often refer to the term ‘love languages’ in counseling. It means how different people display their affection differently. This often creates problems as one partner or both may feel unloved. This feeling of lack of love also pushes people to seek this affection elsewhere.

3. Lack of balance

In any relationship that has its power in one side’s favor then one party will feel dominated. The one feeling dominated could feel criticized and lack freedom. While the dominant one may feel they are doing all the work. Both reasons can fuel cheating.

4. Commitment fear

The unfortunate part of this behavior is it often happens when you feel the most secure, after getting engaged or during pregnancy. Out of fear of responsibility, people end up sabotaging their stable relationships.

5. Self-esteem issues

Personal self-insecurities also push people towards cheating sometimes. People with such a problem can behave in a manner to attract attention, and one person’s affection seems insufficient. To avoid any possibility of being rejected, they end up taking the first step.

6. Sex Addiction

Cheating and extramarital affairs on some occasions are linked to sexual addiction. People engage in adultery to satisfy their urges and remove any negative feelings that are hard to control. These are signs of compulsive disorder.

How Spymaster Pro helps you monitor your spouse’s iPhone?

Spymaster Pro is one of the best monitoring software solutions that will allow you to spy on iPhone without jailbreak to keep a close eye. It will offer you non-stop customer support and a list of features to give you detailed information about the target device.

Written below is a brief explanation:-

1. Call and SMS Logs

The spy software can monitor call and SMS logs with detailed data that can be viewed on the dashboard.

2. Social media tracking

With the help of Spymaster Pro, you can track your spouse’s activities on all the social media sites with additional details.

3. Phone book and calendar tracking

You will be to analyze their phone book to spot any weird contacts and spot any secret marking in their calendar to meet with someone.

4. Chat sites tracking

The spy software will give you daily live tracking of all the chat sites directly on the dashboard.

5. Multimedia files tracking

View all sorts of multimedia files stored on the target device from the comfort of your mobile phone.

6. Installed app tracking

Get to see your spouse’s activities on the various installed apps on their new iPhone 11 from your dashboard.

7. Browser history tracking

Once you install Spymaster Pro on your partner’s mobile, you will track their complete browser activities and see their browser history. You can still view browser history even if it has been deleted.


Is your spouse not showing you affection as they did before? Are you noticing an unusual amount of time spent on their new iPhone? Do you suspect them of meeting someone behind your back? Get trusted spyware like Spymaster to spy on iPhone with Apple id to know the truth of their actions. As a partner, you deserve to see if they are cheating on you or not.

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