How To Market Adult Products And Services: 5 Effective Tips

It can be challenging to market your adult products or services, but it definitely isn’t impossible. Here are some tips from successful online adult retailers that have mastered the art of sex-positive advertising:

1. Create a Landing Page

You should actually create a number of landing pages, with each geared toward a specific product line or customer segment. According to research, creating 10 to 15 SEO oriented landing pages can increase conversion by as much as 55%.

Landing pages can help build brand awareness as well as direct the right leads to the right services or products. You should ensure that you do proper keyword research to improve your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

2. Provide Educational Content

Educational content is one of the few exceptions when it comes to sexually themed advertising on social media. You can try to create a Facebook page for your business that focuses on relationships or even health and wellness.

You can add content that includes the importance of self-care as well as making time for your partner, and then include discrete mentions of how various “marital aids” or products can actually help.

Instead of putting a CTA on your social media posts, you should consider inviting visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. You can also add an FAQ section on your website and start a blog detailing how to use products as well as their benefits or offering advice. It will also help you get more traffic from Google as it helps with your adult seo

Education does not even have to be boring; keep it both light and fun. Post interesting quotes or funny memes and facts about relationships on your social media.

3. Leverage Email Marketing

You can provide value-added contact through email once you have raised brand awareness via your landing page and social media engagement. It is an excellent platform for offering discounts, updating customers about new products, and offering suggestions based on shopping history.

Just remember that some email providers and states prohibit advertising certain types of products and services via mail, including email. The same goes for certain video content or images. Gain their interest via carefully worded but fun messaging and invite them over to your website for viewing of the merchandise.

4. Encourage Customer Engagement

Social media is one of the best places to start. Encourage your subscribers and followers to share stories and product reviews. Add quizzes and interactive media to your website to match customers with specific products. Ensure that you link answers to product pages.

5. Keep Everything Discreet

Attitudes towards sex might currently be more relaxed and open than ever, but most people are still uncomfortable when it comes to buying sex accessories and toys. If you allow the audience to try new things or even explore their sexuality or without embarrassment, they will be more likely to patronize your business.

Ship merchandise to buyers in nondescript packaging, and ensure that the company name that appears on the shipping label as well as credit billing is also non-sexual and neutral too.

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