How To Make Video For Your Products

The impact of video marketing in the various stages of your brand’s journey is undeniable. Brands and businesses are constantly looking for ways to stand out and get ahead of competitors. Videos evoke strong responses in people and help foster a genuine connection between the brand and customers.

Creating attractive product videos help you stay relevant in the face of constant change. 

About 73% of customers admit to buying products after watching videos. The statistics around video marketing are compelling and inspire brands of all sizes and types to invest in creating high-quality video content.

Producing impactful video content no longer requires specialized equipment and skilled technicians. In fact, homemade videos with a personal touch engages better with customers than studio made glossy content. Access to an unlimited number of Online video editor tools along with some creative ideas, time and effort can produce great results. The idea of producing product videos might still feel overwhelming. This article aims to give a brief look into the critical steps involved in product video making. These steps will explain just how easy the process can be with the right set of tools and some amount of preparation.

  • Set your product video goals

When creating marketing videos for your products, setting your end goals and clearly defining the purpose of the video can save time and effort along the way. As with any project or endeavor, a well-defined game plan can benefit you in many ways. Video content can help engage customers at different stages of the journey to final purchase. The intent of the video needs to be determined right at the beginning, depending on your businesses’ needs. The purpose could be creating brand awareness, generating leads or sales, or educating the audience about your product or service features.

The script-making and filming phase become easier with your goals and targets laid out. 

Customize your content for the target demographics to ensure optimal performance. Who are you addressing with the video? Knowing your potential customer group helps set the tone of your video. 

  • Draft the storyboard

Now that you are clear on why you’re making the video and who you’re making it for. It’s time for the script. A good product video requires a strong context, conflict and challenges that the audience might face and eventually how your product offers resolution to these conflicts. Just like a movie. Right? You might have to go through a few rounds of edit to get the most concise and impactful script. But the effort will pay off as you move on to the next stages of production. Here are a few tips that can elevate the quality of the script.

  • Context is key. Rather than overtly promoting the features of your product, weave a story around your product. This would resonate better with the target audience, and they understand your brand and its benefits in their life easier.
  • Less is more. You can have all the artistic enhancements and animations in your video, but if the message is lost in all the fanciness, your video can fail. 
  • Personal touch. Making the content unique by infusing some of your personality into it helps attract viewers and build credibility for your brand. It’s a great way to set yourself apart from the competitors and establish your brand’s identity in the community.

A storyboard is like a frame-by-frame layout of what your video should ultimately look like. You have to be extremely detail-oriented at this step. The scene-by-scene visual, music and text add-ons, placement of CTA, shooting location and lighting, and many more details need to be carefully planned out to get the most desired result without losing time and effort. 

  • Start filming

If your pre-production stage is done right, the filming will turn out to be the easiest step in the entire production. With the equipment and location set up, all you need to do is follow your carefully laid out plans from the scripting and storyboard stage. You can save good money by producing a self-made video or hiring experienced professionals to translate your ideas into actual footage. While high-quality, professionally made videos are fancy and elegant, you can’t always afford the fanciness for small businesses. But cool and creative product videos can be shot even on your smartphones. Let’s look at some tips that could help create stunning self-produced content.

  • Simple and clutter-free backgrounds make your products shine.
  • Tripods can help a great deal in getting steady and professional shots.
  • Capture high-quality audio with microphones.
  • Quality of lighting can make or break your final output.
  • Post-Production Work

This is where all your shot content gets stitched together and looks like what you visualized at the planning stage. The range of Online Video Editor tools have made this process more fun and less troublesome. Most video editors come with AI powered guides that help even the beginners create stunning product videos with audio narrations, cool texts, animated effects and more. Your storyboard will prove to be a great guide while editing and polishing the final video. The online video makers offer an incredible selection of pre-made templates that simplifies the process further, alternatively you could also customize these templates to fit your ideas better. Add your images and videos onto the templates, get creative with the animations, fonts, background scores to enhance the aesthetic value of your content. Review your work, make changes till you get the desired result, and you’re almost done!

  • Get promoting

The last leg of the journey is to implement your promotional strategies. Your video is ready to be shared with the world and start achieving the goals you set out with.  The most effective ways to share and post are listed below.

  • Your website’s landing page
  • Across social media channels
  • Nurturing emails


If you’ve been inspired to create your own product videos, this step-by-step guide can help you get started right away. With changing market trends and customer buying patterns, video marketing is a constantly evolving field. But this organic evolution is supported by a great deal of guidance and useful online tools to help you keep up with the trend and grow your brand effectively.