How To Maintain or Store Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs are designed to weave in with your biological hairline. These wigs are ideal for women who prefer to wear their hair forced back or far from their brows. Lace front wigs, which are carefully hand-knotted to guarantee that each thread of hair is perfectly bonded, could be a wonderful experience for women looking for a wig that helps in managing their hair as they would before baldness.

How To Maintain a Lace Front Wig?

A wig’s forehead is quite sensitive. It is crucially important not to grasp the blonde wig by the lace. The lace may tear if you pull on it.

So be cautious when arranging your hairstyle and always hold the wig with the ear lobes or sides cap portions when placing it on.

You can use wig maintenance tools, but if you’re brushing a lace-front wig, we prefer a wide-tooth comb.

This comb is the softest on the hair and the less likely to tear out any of the hair.

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6 Tips to take care of Your Lace Front Wig:

Despite being said, there are certain crucial elements to keep in mind when it comes to wigs in order to increase the life of your product. Every night, remove handcrafted wigs and merchandise wigs on a dummy head. But, if your wig is sewed along your forehead, dress up a silk cap or scarf at night to prevent your hair and keep it in good condition 

1) Use Chemical Hair Products to Clean your Wig(s).

Your actual hair benefits from the oil extracted by your head, but wigs do not have a natural source of water, therefore you should avoid cleaning them with powerful cleansers. 

2) Take Care Not to Over-Wash the Wigs

The frequency with which you must wash your wigs is determined by how commonly you wear them. If you use to wear a wig on a regular basis, washing it a couple of times a month will keep it lively and fresh-looking for almost as long as feasible. However, if you simply wear a wig once per month, one wash will be enough after each month.

3) If not Used, Store all Wigs on Dummy Heads.

Although your wig is attached to your head, experts recommend investing in a mannequin’s head to take a rest in between usage. This is also a terrific technique to retain your wig’s hairstyle safe while getting ready to get out there. 

4) Heating Should not be Used on Chemically Synthesized Wigs.

Because chemically synthesized wigs aren’t created from natural hair, they can’t usually tolerate heat treatment or a lot of pressure. Heat can really burn the hair, so stop it immediately. If you would like to design your synthesized wig, you can use flexible hooks and other air cooling methods to produce huge, beautiful curls.

5) Do not use oils or Hair Care Products on your Hair.

You might not need to hold back the hair, so keep avoiding anything that could make it appear oily or leave a residual that will need to be rinsed out afterward.

6) Take Precautions When Using The Wig

The wig’s lace is formed of a much more sensitive substance. When you put it off and then wash it, be careful to treat it with proper attention.

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