How to have fun as a family during quarantine

Crafts, board games, cartoon movies, puppet workshop … If you have already tried everything to entertain your children, take advantage of this last weekend of total confinement before they can go out for a walk starting Monday, to have fun as a family. It’s nothing new, but it always works Music and dancing. You can Visit 123movies or soap2day 4u. Two activities that young and old alike and that help relieve stress and let go. A way of motivation and fun as a family during quarantine.

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The 6 funniest musical choreographies of this quarantine

They say that music soothes the beasts and if you have some little beasts at home without a doubt, you will want them to calm down a little and release all their adrenaline. The confinement is not being easy for the little ones, who are giving a lesson to all of us. Boys and girls have to run, jump, play … One way to do it regardless of the space is by dancing. Discover the 5 funniest choreographies of the moment:

  1. Earth, Wind & Fire – “Lets Groove”, a choreography by Phil Wright, easy and fun. Suitable for all ages, those who are almost in their pre-teens will love it. So… Put on your sneakers, comfortable clothes and have fun!
  2. Children’s choreographies, 20 minutes of non-stop fun in this selection made by teacher Toñi Martín on her channel. The little ones in the house will love it, especially if they are under 6 years old.
  3. The singing games. 43 minutes of music and choreography for the whole family. Who has never danced to a Los Cantajuegos song?
  4. Just Dance. For the older ones, in this channel, you will find pop songs of all time to mark you a good choreography.
  5. Zumba for kids. A combination of aerobic exercises, with Latin rhythms and very modern sounds. A way to get your body moving and enjoy yourself as a family.
  6. Hip Hop for kids. If your children are more of urban rhythms, the Star Factory Sevilla academy offers multiple dances for the little ones on its YouTube channel. We leave you this version of the mythical “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys.

 And if despite all the choreography your children still have time to get bored, our recommendation is that you join the #QuarantinePillowChallenge, a challenge that floods social networks and that consists of putting on a pillow as if it were a dress with the help of a belt. Surely, if you take the opportunity to put on makeup and take pictures, laughter is guaranteed. We leave you this link so you can see what it consists of.

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