How to exchange Monero to BTC

There are dozens of websites that exchange XMR for BTC. But taking the first one on the Internet, customers often pay inflated commissions and run the risk of being caught by scammers. Therefore, monitoring exchangers is very important.

Before exchanging cryptocurrency, money of electronic payment systems or fiat (rubles, hryvnia, dollars), it is additionally worth studying user reviews. The more positive messages there are, the older and more reliable the portal is. Another recommendation is to go to exchange sites to avoid phishing links.

How to transfer XMR to BTC without commission?

Exchange offices, as a rule, do not charge additional commissions, do not require registration and verification, and offer a clear interface. These are their main differences from banks and stock exchanges.

It will take up to 5 minutes to buy Monero with Bitcoin. Follow these steps:

  • select a site for currency exchange from the list;
  • go to the site by clicking on the line with its name;
  • fill out an application, indicating the account number, the amount you plan to sell, and other required information;
  • pay and wait for the replenishment of your account, card or wallet.

If the sale of currency is carried out automatically, this does not mean that the wallet can be replenished instantly. The duration of the transfer depends on the specific payment system.

Selection of exchangers

The most difficult stage when buying currency is the selection of a service. After all, it depends on this whether the acquisition will be profitable or not.

To choose an exchanger from BTС to Monero (XMR), analyze the exchange conditions:

  1. Rate – indicated in the “Give” and “Receive” fields. Initially, the most beneficial service for the client is presented at the top of the list.
  2. Limits – the maximum and minimum amounts that can be withdrawn using a specific site are displayed in the “Withdraw” column.
  3. Reserve – the available amount in a specific currency that can be bought on the service. If it is not enough for a fiat or cryptocurrency transfer, wait for the replenishment of the reserve or make a withdrawal on 2 – 3 platforms.
  4. Options – manual or semi-automatic operation, additional commissions, variable exchange rate and other nuances with withdrawal. Each site offers exchange btc to xmr on its own terms. They are marked with special icons next to the names of the sites.

To quickly and profitably convert currency through exchangers, ExchangeSumo offers auxiliary tools – “Calculator”, “Notification”, “Double exchange”. For example, if the rate and reserve are not high enough, specify the appropriate parameters in the “Alert” section. When the values ​​grow, a corresponding letter will be sent to the e-mail.

Sell ​​ Monero to Bitcoin with cashback

Sometimes users are offered the sale of Monero for Bitcoin with cashback. The client has the right to receive 25% or 35% of the monitoring profit for the transaction.

Before transferring money, look for the “Cashback” or “Increased Cashback” icon. It is located in the table next to the resource names. 

Deciding where to buy ada cardano or any other Cryptocurrency is very similar to deciding where to buy any asset. You need to compare not only the price and features but also the location safety. But, purchasing ADA with a credit account is perfectly possible on some alternative platforms.

The client should switch to the marked service from monitoring and only then withdraw finances.

The next step is to apply for cashback in your personal profile.

Didn’t find a great offer? Experienced users can purchase assets through the P2P platforms.

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