How to choose the right vintage jewelry?

Vintage jewelry is making a comeback. They are increasingly popular with men and women who want to stand out in society and show their personality.

Our experts have come together to give you their advice for buying vintage jewelry.

Vintage jewellery, a booming market

Jewelry fashion is cyclical. A model can be very popular for a while before disappearing for many years. Then, it reappears and becomes trendy again. This is the case with vintage jewelry .

The latter, like diamond rings or zodiac pendants, are all the rage with people looking for signed or unsigned jewelry. While the trend previously only focused on big brands, other jewelers such as Boucheron and Bulgari have come to the fore. This is because people are looking for an unusual piece of jewelry that stands out from the norm. In fact, more and more young people are adopting this type of jewelry in order to assert their personality.

For this, vintage jewelry is the best solution. By choosing this type of accessories, you can better express your look and your tastes . Vintage jewelry allows you to stand out by wearing a unique model that goes perfectly with your style of clothing.

Vintage jewelry: second-hand reseller sites, a must

To find the best vintage jewelry for your look, the best thing is to go through a retailer who offers real expertise. There are many luxury jewelry sites like Miller Jewelry that offer vintage and second-hand jewelry . Whether you want a Boucheron bracelet, a Pomellato ring or even a Piaget long necklace, you are sure to find what you are looking for at a vintage jewelry retailer online or in store.

If you decide to buy your model on the internet, you can ask for photos or videos of the jewel in order to examine it from every angle. You can also contact the retailer to discuss with him to comfort you in your desire to buy. It is also important to check the measurements of the vintage jewelry carefully so that you can wear it.

You can also go to a store to buy vintage jewelry. You will be able to see the ring, necklace or pendant with your own eyes and get a more precise idea of ​​the jewel. However, you may be disappointed and not find the vintage jewel to your liking. You may also have incorrect information.

The criteria for choosing the right vintage jewelry

A vintage jewel is often covered with a synthetic stone. Its weight and the combination of two materials will determine its authenticity and quality . You must therefore have the certificate of authenticity for your jewel. This document is essential in order to know if the vintage jewel purchased complies with the information given in the store. You will know the characteristics of your jewel and the stones that adorn it.

By having in your possession the certificate of authenticity, this can avoid you a compulsive purchase according to the observed beauty of the jewel. For example, Quig Bruning , head of Wholesale Jewelry sales at Sotheby’s, explained in The New York Times that a ring featuring discolored SI-grade diamonds and a fat pear shape sold for far more at auction than its value . Initial.

For your vintage jewelry, you must therefore take many criteria into consideration:

  • Originality,
  • The signature or not,
  • The year of creation,
  • The story,
  • Scarcity,
  • Durability,
  • The style…

All these criteria are essential in order to choose the vintage jewel that will best suit your personality .

Vintage jewelry: what style to adopt?

There are many styles for vintage jewelry. It’s up to you to see which one you like the most and which will match your look.

The vintage jewel of the 40s

Recognizable for their massive and refined side , the vintage jewels of the 40s weigh their weight. For example, a bracelet worn by Ella Fitzgerald, the fashion icon at the time, could weigh more than 100 grams! Of course, this weight represents a guarantee of authenticity and quality.

However, special attention must be paid to the clasps which tend to be changed often due to the weight of the jewel. You can always opt for a more modern clasp to reassure yourself.

The jewels of this period are mostly adorned with synthetic stones and they mix both pink gold and synthetic rubies .

Vintage jewelry from the 60s and 70s

Are you a fan of Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor? Have you just seen these star actresses of the time wearing a jewel that makes you want? We can understand it, vintage jewelry from the 60s and 70s is very popular these days. With their fine stones (aquamarine, quartz, tourmaline, etc.) Or ornamental stones (coral, malachite, onyx, etc.), these jewels represent a time when mores were beginning to be freed .

So it’s a way to better express your personality through vintage jewelry from the 60s and 70s.

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