How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Table For Your Home

The only thing we want to do after a long and hectic day at work is to relax and unwind in our homes. To make our homes cozy, we need to have functional and useful furniture and decor items that exude both style and comfort. Nowadays, with the advent of top-notch stores like Wakefit, there is a wider range of quality products to choose from. Such stores will have many varieties of furniture, such as beds, coffee tables, dining tables, sideboards, etc., that can be used to create the perfect ambience in your home.

Finding The Perfect Coffee Table

The focal point of the living room is the centre table, surrounded by comfortable sofa sets. Any furniture making it to the living room is chosen in alignment with the centre table, also called the coffee table. These tables are essential in the living room as they are used to place refreshments, magazines, etc. These days you have multi-functional coffee tables like the Japanese coffee table that can be used as a dining table too. Use modern and elegant furniture to enhance the look of your living room. Choosing one based on your room’s preference and theme can uplift your space’s ambience.

Coffee tables come in three basic shapes: square, rectangle, and circle. Glass-top coffee tables enhance the appeal of the living room. Remember, a bit of glass can always add a touch of class! However, coffee tables made of solid wood or medium-density fiberboard are popular, as they are more durable and long-lasting. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) tables are suitable alternatives for people who have low budgets. MDF tables are cost-friendly, classy, and functional.

Engineered Wood Coffee Tables

Engineered wood coffee tables come with multiple compartments for storing phonebooks, newspapers, magazines, etc. This consequently removes the mess created in the living room by giving each item a place to be stored. As kids throw their toys and stationery around, a coffee table with storage can help organize their things, thereby keeping the living room neat and tidy, especially when there are unexpected visitors.

Items like chargers for electronic devices, house or vehicle keys, notepads, remotes, etc., are often misplaced. These items can also be stored in the coffee table storage compartments. Engineered centre tables are the right choices while focusing on creating a neat and organized living room. However, solid wood coffee tables rarely come with closed storage options.

A round coffee table is a classic style statement and can be used to display beautiful decor items. Sheesham wood round coffee tables are a popular choice as they are highly durable and sturdy. These round tables are sleekly built by incorporating modern designs. They come with long life and can be passed on to future generations. Another popular option is the marble coffee table. It gives a conventional and contemporary appeal to your space. It’s a known fact that no other variety of coffee tables can match the functionality and durability of a marble coffee table. Such premium coffee tables have withstood the test of time to become one of the most sought-after pieces of living room furniture.

Benefits Of Using Wooden centre Tables

Wooden tables have always been in high demand despite the use of other materials glass, PVC, MDF, plastic, etc. common in the furniture industry. The following are some of the advantages of using wooden coffee tables:

  1. A wooden coffee table is known to be sturdy and firm. Thus, this table can tolerate wear and tear to a great extent without undergoing major physical changes. Wooden tables can easily be passed on to future generations if maintained regularly.
  2. Wood is the wisest choice of material when having children and pets at home. Children are careless and can break things easily. Having a sturdy wooden centre table can save you from constant repairs and replacements.
  3. It is also simple to change the colour of wooden coffee tables. This rules out the need to purchase new coffee tables due to getting bored of seeing the same coffee table for years. Giving a fresh lick of varnish or paint to match the room’s interiors can provide your space with a new lease of life.
  4. Your old coffee tables can get a new look with veneers, which come in different shades, patterns and textures. This can be firmly glued to the existing table to give a completely different look.

Benefits Of Using Glass-top Coffee Tables

While looking for elegance and class, many prefer glass tops with colourful and creative prints. Glass-top coffee tables are often supported by wooden or metal frameworks. It is important to ensure that the glass coffee table is of appropriate thickness, shape, and size. Using tempered glass is advisable. Glass tables also go with any type of home decor. A glass table with an appropriate rug or carpet can make the rooms look chic and elegant without having to spend too much.

Take some time to find the right coffee table, as it is one of the most crucial additions to the living room. It is a versatile piece of furniture, and the perfect one will be both functional and aesthetically appealing.