How To Choose The Perfect Baby Crib

Every new mom would desire to prepare a clean, safe, and comfortable living space for her newborn child. The baby crib is the first and most important thing on the to-buy list for the nursery. The baby crib is the centrepiece of a nursery, and it wouldn’t be wrong if you spent an extra hour researching for the right type of crib. Choosing the right kind of newborn crib is important for your child’s safety as it ensures their comfort. We have put together a list of safety measures and types of cribs to help you make the right choice.

Safety Factors to Consider While Buying a Baby Crib

Corner Posts

The top of the corner posts of the crib must not exceed 1/16th of an inch in height. Your child’s clothing could get caught when they are old enough to stand or climb over the crib. Decorative knobs, too, should be avoided.

Missing parts and Screws Must Be Taken Care of

Check if the crib is well-built. If you find any loose screws or bolts, you must have them tightened. Even after buying the baby crib, you must make it a weekly routine to check all hooks, bolts, and screws.

Avoid Headboards and Footboards

It is best to avoid buying cribs with fancy headboards and footboards that have excessive spacing. Your child could accidentally have their head stuck between the opening once they are old enough to crawl and explore the crib.

Space Between Bars

The space between the bars of the crib must not be more than 6cm (2.5 inches). Anything more than the specified measure can make your baby’s legs stuck in between the bars.

Crib Details

Most importantly, you must ensure that the crib has all the details mentioned on its label, such as manufacturer name, manufactured date, and model number, mentioned on its label.

Types of Cribs

Now that you know the basic safety factors to look into while buying cradles, let’s take a look at the list of cribs and the advantages & disadvantages associated with each one.

Standard Cribs

These are full-size wooden cradles that offer a lot of growing space for your newborn. If you have a huge area for a nursery set up, you can choose these standard-size cribs. Owing to its durability and long-term value, a standard crib is a great option for parents who reside in permanent homes. Standard Cribs also come in different designs, including the traditional jhula and palna design. If you are a fan of swing cradles and if space isn’t a problem, then go for standard swing cribs without a second thought.

If you are constantly moving, these huge cribs can be difficult to carry around. In such situations, you should consider choosing a portable crib option.

Convertible Cribs

These cribs are perfect for those families who want to avoid hunting for sleeping options every two years. A convertible crib comes with numerous options and can be expanded based on your child’s growth. Some crib options come with 5-in-1 features and can be used until your child grows into a young adult.

Since they have numerous options and come in multiple designs, the price tag on these cribs is way too high. Besides the high price and complex guide, there aren’t any reasons why you mustn’t choose this crib for your baby.

Mini Cribs

Mini Cribs are a great choice for those living in small apartments. Most of the mini cradles come with adjustable crib bedding heights. So, you can adjust the mattress height according to your preference and requirement. One major disadvantage of mini cribs is that your baby might outgrow these cribs even before they are ready to shift to normal toddler beds. If you wish to invest in a crib for the long term and yet keep space under check, consider buying convertible cribs.


Bassinets are the best option for the first few months since the mother can constantly watch the baby. You can easily place them next to your bed at night and move them to the living area when you are busy doing the household chores. Bassinets come with ready-made cushioned bedding, but if you prefer using a more comfortable mattress, you can buy crib bedding sets and customise the bassinet.

You must remember that once your baby reaches 7 to 8 months of age, you must consider moving them to a bigger bedding option.

Portable Cribs

Portable cribs are foldable and are similar to bassinets, but instead of fabric, they are made of wood and have wheels to facilitate mobility. Portable cribs can be folded and kept aside when not in use. Again, these cribs are great for those living in small apartments or rental houses.

This crib does not offer a long-term bedding solution; you may have to purchase a bigger bed when your child grows into a toddler. Another thing to note about portable cribs is that the wheel’s locking mechanism must be strong and in perfect working condition. A slight defect can ruin the main purpose of the crib.

Multipurpose Cribs

These are multi-functional

cribs that serve as a sleeping space and also as a storage for baby essentials. These safe cradles come with a diaper-changing space and drawer-like cabinets to store baby clothes. If you are a minimalist mom who loves making the most out of little things, then multipurpose baby cots are a great choice.

There may be better options for smaller home spaces, and only some designs come at a very high price.


Playards are travel cribs that are a safe cradle option and facilitate easy mobility. They are made of aluminium frames and mesh nets with additional mattress pads. If you are an adventure-loving mom and love travelling, then this crib is the right choice for you.

You must look for safety certification options for whatever crib you choose Wakefit  while buying. As discussed earlier, you also need to check all the safety parameters associated with the crib.

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