How to Choose an Appropriate Musician for Hire for Your Event

Hosting an event is one of the most exciting things anyone can do since it gives you the chance to connect with your guests and show your incredible taste.  Unfortunately, making all of the decisions that come with an event can be exhausting and leave you feeling unprepared.

This is how to choose the best musician possible for your event.  

What Type of Event Are You Hosting?

Every event has different expected music and acts that people would want to see.  This might mean string quartets and bands for weddings and garage bands for high school graduations: it depends on what speaks to the event.

You can even lean into themes, like hiring a sea-shanty group for a pirate-themed event! 

Who Are Your Guests?

Who’s attending your event?  Is this a youth event for a church?  Then you might want to find rappers that are Christian!  Is this a retirement party for someone who just turned seventy?  Then you might want to think about finding a Beach Boys cover band! 

Match your entertainment to the type of music that most of your guests would want to hear.  Although you might not be able to make it work for every event you host, you can probably still find a large number of options based on this alone.  

What’s Your Budget?

How much can you afford to pay your performers?  Every professional deserves to be paid for their skills when they create awesome music for your event: so don’t try to short them on it.  Instead, try to figure out which artists are reasonably within your budget, or consider expanding your budget to a more reasonable number.  

If you’re on a really tight budget and you want a performer: you can consider asking if they’ll accept tips as a partial payment.  Not every performer will say yes to this, but it’s an option that you might want to put out there.

What’s Your Venue?

How large is your venue?  The size of it can make a huge difference in what type of musicians you should hire.  Although solo artists can perform almost anywhere as long as there’s a microphone, a swing band wouldn’t be able to perform in a tiny venue, and you’re out of luck if you want a full orchestra in a small backyard wedding.

Think about the size of your venue and how much room your performers will have to be able to create music.

Do You Need More Than One Act?

If your event is large enough, you may need more than one performer to boost the interest!  The average performer is only on stage for around an hour, depending on the contract, and changing things up can keep them interesting for guests.  Consider a performer for before dinner and the main event, and then another performer for after, who’s mostly acoustic without vocals so that people can enjoy their conversations.

Every Event Should Have Awesome Entertainment

Great entertainment can be the difference in whether someone enjoys an event or leaves feeling disappointed.  Make sure your event has something that speaks to everyone who visits! 

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