How to Choose a Western Saddle online?

While buying saddles online is a much simpler task now, people are still dealing with choosing the right one. It can be exciting to go saddle shopping when you are clear about the basic requirements.

If you are looking for the best Western Saddle, confirm the size and style that fits the horse perfectly. Furthermore, you must look through a few basic criteria before selecting the final option.

Once you get a clear idea about choosing the right Western saddle, you can easily buy it online. Similarly, you can have a look at our website as we have various options available.

For which riding style are you looking to buy Western Saddle?

Before referring to any other point, let’s just first confirm what riding discipline you are looking to buy a Western saddle. If you are going to horse riding shows or events, you are not required to buy a jumping saddle. On the other hand, if you are referring to trail riding, then you must have the same saddle that fulfils your need.

There are many options available, and some of them can split you up in taking the right decision. Furthermore, it’s more accessible to decide on the saddle requirement and then purchase it online. Alongside, if you want something professional, then be sure to make the appropriate choice. Some people tend to buy an all-purpose Western saddle so that they can use it for every other riding discipline.

What will be the main purpose of your Western saddle?

It’s the first thing that you have to be sure about, and that is the actual use of the saddle. Once your purpose of purchasing the saddle is defined, it will get easier for you to choose between so many types of the Western saddle. Likely, having multiple categories to make the right choice may not be easier for the buyers.

Let’s say you have to buy a show saddle for your horse. In that reference, you also have to decide what design and pattern you want to have on the saddle. The next thing will be the comfort and balance that the saddle provides to the horse and the rider. It’s more prominent to get the saddle custom as per your choice so that there is no ill-fitting measurement while you ride.

All in all, there are different saddles that you can choose from depending on your riding style. A synthetic saddle would also be waterproof and scratch resistant compared to a leather saddle. Likewise, they can be a perfect option for someone referring to trail riding.

Things to know before buying a Western Saddle 

It can be exciting to buy a new Western saddle, but also there are specific points that you must consider. So many options to choose from! Well, before heading to make the purchase, consider the following points –

  • Make sure your riding discipline is on point. It may be a better option if you consider buying something that supports different riding styles. Thus, if you are keenly into your profession, buy the saddle that’s just the right choice.
  • Determine the size of your saddle as per your horse’s back. Also, note that Western saddles are a little bigger in size in comparison with an English saddles.
  • The next thing can be your first point. Likewise, you can buy a saddle as per your budget and not go above it. In addition, you can also go for a second-hand Western saddle that you can easily afford.
  • Make sure you choose the suitable material for your saddle, as it does affect your riding style. Learn that most leather saddles are smooth, but if you choose a synthetic saddle, they can provide more grip to the rider.
  • Not only are leather saddles costly, but it’s also a task to clean them on a regular basis. While if you buy a synthetic saddle, they are less costly and do not require much maintenance.

Once you have determined each point stated above, it will become easy to choose the right Western saddle. After a clear idea of what you require, you will have a definitive approach towards acquiring the proper fitting Western saddle.

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