How To Bet On Football Sensibly During Big Tournaments

Everyone enjoys a summer tournament, even non-footy fans. And this Euro 2021 competition is no exception. As teams progress excitement rises and quality gets better- plus the Three Lions have gone marching on so far. There is always a buzz about countries and pubs when tournament football is on. Tournament football also gives beginner and veteran gamblers ample opportunity to raise the stakes and go all out for a couple of weeks. With a whole plethora of games and umpteen different bookies handing out seemingly amazing deals, it’s hard not to stick a few quid on a couple of bets throughout the tournament. But you want to do this sensibly so you can maximise your winnings and not finish the tournament with a wounded bank account. Below, we will focus on how to bet on football sensibly during big tournaments.

Only place the amount of money you can afford

It’s important from the outset to set yourself a sensible gambling limit. You do not want to get roped into spending all your months wages at the bookies or starting yourself on a bad habit which could snowball. Enjoy the gambling experience and the footy tournament but keep it within reason!

The favourites doesn’t always win

When it comes to tournament football, there are always upsets and always some seriously rogue scorelines. More often than not underdogs end up doing special things – especially when it comes to the Euros (I’m talking Greece 2004 and Denmark 1992). This means that it is not always the safest bet to be backing the favourites. In fact more often than not the tournament favourites end up struggling to win it – take this year’s Euros for instance with France getting beat by the Switzerland team in the Round of 16, pretty mental stuff. Basically, what we are saying is, don’t always back the favourite, it is not always the safest bet and often won’t get you the biggest bang for your buck.

Explore different types of markets 

Modern day betting is online and expansive. Nowadays there are an absolute multitude of different markets which can be explored. By making sure that you explore all the different kinds of markets and get the best bet for the match or round you are betting on. Whether that be goalscorer bets, in-play betting or cards bets, there is something for everyone. Do your research and try to get yourself involved in bets in more obscure markets which can give you a better bang for your buck.

Shop around, don’t just stick to one bookie

Similar to the expanding markets, the expanding accessibility of bookies, mainly through online platforms, are making betting easier and more streamlined than ever before. They provide different promotions and offers on every single match, whilst also having different odds on different markets. It’s important to shop around and find the best odds on your bet to get the most profit out of these bookies.

Sensible selections, no massive accas

With all these bookies and markets it can be hard to narrow down your bet into a nice concise, reasonable bet. Often people end up whacking a huge 10-fold acca on in the dream of winning, but with outrageously high odds. Sensible, smaller selections are actually a more effective way of winning when gambling. Similar to this, promotions created and sent out by bookies very rarely come off. That means when you are choosing an offer, you need to do so wisely to avoid any pie in the sky promotions made purely to rope you in.

Don’t bet with your heart

Betting with your heart is generally quite stupid. Often you just get your hopes up and end up struggling to really understand why you ended up putting the bet on in the first place. More often than not your heart rules your head and you struggle to actually put a good bet on it because you are not being too sensible about it all.

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