How the Need for Surgery Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have been injured in an accident because of another party’s negligent actions, you may be eligible to file a persona injury claim. But, as the claimant, it is your responsibility to prove your claim and injury. If your treating doctor recommends surgery, this could be evidence that you have a serious injury. Such a recommendation may create a strong argument for why you should be compensated for your injury. Often, insurance providers may need to give the full amount of liability coverage in settlements when a victim needs surgery. Orange County personal injury lawyers can evaluate your case to determine how much your claim is worth. 

Kinds of Injuries that Require Surgery

Although each kind of injury is unique, some injuries sustained in a car accident may require surgery. These injuries include head injuries, internal organ injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, and torn ligaments. Evaluating the seriousness of an injury can be hard. That is why victims must see a doctor right after an accident. This way, their injuries can be diagnosed and treated accordingly. 

Can You Get More in Compensation If You Need Surgery?

A need for surgery may increase your claim’s value since surgery is often more expensive than other kinds of medical treatment. Also, recovery from surgery is often longer. This could affect your claim because you may need extra days off of work, increasing the amount you can receive in lost wages. 

But, keep in mind that surgery is a major procedure, so you must consider it carefully before you decide to have it. Do not try to push for surgery just to increase your claim’s value. You should only get a surgical procedure when recommended by your doctor.

Your personal injury lawyer will determine the full value of your claim. They will consider the cost of your surgery and other necessary medical treatment. 

Can Surgery Decrease Your Claim’s Value?

In some instances, surgery can diminish the value of a personal injury claim. This can happen when the injuries of the victim are fully healed after surgery, eliminating the foundation to claim future pain and suffering. But, the victim can also sue for past pain and suffering when the surgery didn’t occur right away or failed to bring immediate relief. 

If the injury you sustained in an accident requires surgery, you must consult an injury lawyer to know the value of your claim. Your attorney can help you recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

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