How Important Is Tyre Maintenance in Cars?

When your vehicle’s tyres are well-maintained and cared for, you will eliminate the risk of losing control while you’re on the road. While it might seem convenient to leave all these car-parts issues to your mechanic, it’s always beneficial to know what is going on when you’re behind the wheel. There are a few reasons why you should have proper maintenance for your tyre;
● Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is essential for three main reasons: Safety, Economy, and Fuel Efficiency.
● Underinflated or overinflated tyres have a smaller contact patch and suffer from uneven tread wear. As a result of the smaller contact patch, you will need to replace your tyres more frequently as the tread will wear faster. Under-inflated tyres have increased rolling resistance, so the vehicle needs more fuel to maintain its speed.
● Choosing the right tyre pressure can improve fuel efficiency, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions, which in turn reduces the environmental impact of your car.
Maintenance of tyres is crucial for vehicle performance, since they are the only contact your vehicle has with the road. Most importantly, if you ever have a question about your tyres, ask a qualified tyre expert for guidance.

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Tips to maintain your car’s tyres

● Align the Wheels: Every year, or any time you are concerned that your alignment may be off, you should have your wheels aligned by a professional. For example, if you notice that your car pulls to one side, it’s likely that your wheels are misaligned.
● Tyre Rotation: It is recommended that you follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual regarding tyre rotations. Rotations can protect your tyres from irregular wear and extend their life.
● Monitor wear and tear: Keep an eye out for worn out treading on the tyres. Any damage to the tyre’s treads can cause hydroplaning and other issues.
● Inflate your tyres: It is important to use a tyre pressure gauge to ensure that your tyres are properly inflated. Inflation is important for proper road grip, handling, and braking.
● Store tyres in a safe place: Always clean the tyres before storing them, make sure that you store the tyres in a cool, dry place that is away from some chemicals and other substances like grease and petroleum products. Another point to remember is that the tyres should not have any source of heat or sunlight directly falling on them. Continual exposure to these elements will weaken the inside of your tyre which will deteriorate the tyre and will be subject to breakdown.
● Check air pressure: A regular check on tyre pressure will not only keep tyres away from frequent punctures but will also play a vital role in achieving better fuel efficiency. In order to upkeep and ensure maximum tyre lifespan, safety, cornering at speeds, general performance, and handling it is vital to maintain tyre pressures at certain levels as suggested by the manufacturer.
Caring for your car’s tyres will ensure a safe driving experience. However, given the uncertainties of the road, it is important to be insured appropriately for accidents. Check out Comprehensive car insurance policy plans for your car.

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