How I Passed the CISSP

I want to do something extraordinary in my life so that I change my career from a normal 9-5 job. So I had to choose the technical field in which I am expert and I can learn everything without any issues. During consultancy with my friends, relatives and some of the professionals which I know personally they had suggested me to do the CISSP courses. CISSP courses are the foundation of the security management for the data in any organization. The certification is to represent that the certified person knows the general security practices and methodologies should be adopted by the organization. After getting the certificate that made me understanding the security policy which can be used in any organization. Amazing thing about CISSP online training which covers a lot of security areas, which doesn’t cover under any other certification that I had known it earlier. 

To be very honest after learning the physical security lesson in this courses it was very easy to attend the exam and score good marks in the examination. I was very confident to appear the exam without any hesitation and having no doubts in any of the lessons. The faculties are provided much knowledge about the course which is very important for every student and every candidate in this course. Before some years I was working with firewalls and servers but the physical security was something new to me which I don’t ever heard of it. I had never thought that there will be any course which is related to data security management and it is very important in every organization. If I would know about it earlier some years back then I would be joining this course much before than now. The course of CISSP had helped me to learn about the civil laws administrative laws and criminal laws. 

At joining the first class I thought it would be very much boring and I will not be able to getting it properly but m my all assumption was totally wrong. The faculties were teaching in very much interesting way so that every student it will take interest to learn about it. I had never imagined about it that any course will be like that which is very much interesting for me. After studying a lot and going deep down in this course I had started thinking about the security professional perspective. I experienced like I am doing a professional course in which the job which I’ll be getting reputed organization. I have learnt about the cybercrime and how to protect the organization from it. In the very starting I had thought about it will be going to me so much length and boring what the course is much interesting and really make any one to learn about it. 

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During the course the institute will provide the basic study materials and all the essential elements which are required by the student for his betterment. The organization had been situated in the year 1989 and currently they have 140000 members in the specialised technical person for the training for the students. They are providing the CISSP certification for the qualified students who had passed with flying numbers. They are providing both online and offline method so that according to the candidate can join the classes through online or offline method the faculties will be different from one another in the online and offline method but the quality of their teaching methodology is same. During the examination the questions which are appeared in the exam were quite same as the faculties had taught us in the CISSP training program. 

In the CISSP training some faculties will teach you the basics and the essential elements which are required for the examination point of view. In the examination they will cover the topic which are related to security and risk management, asset security, security architecture and engineering, security operations, software development security and others which are within the course. Learning from the books are quite easy but the faculties I will make you understand and get it into mind in a interesting way so that that student will never forget about the topic. After getting all the things I want to know then I am ready to do the job in professional manner in any of the organization.  In the personal view the institution had helped a lot to get the things done. I can ask the doubts whenever I want to the faculties in the late night also and they had never made me disappointed for any reason.

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