How does silicone company produce silicone seals?

silicone company is the basic unit of silicone production. Silicone sealing ring as a sealing ring waterproof performance is very good a material is widely used in industry. Today I will take you to talk about the specific application of silicone sealing ring and its formula, I hope to help you. silicone prototype clearly has obvious advantages.

Silicone sealing ring is widely used in hardware and plastic silicone tube sealing ring is composed of one or several parts of the ring cover, fixed on a ring or gasket bearing and then in contact with another ring or gasket or form a narrow maze gap so that it will prevent lubricating oil leakage and foreign intrusion. Silicone companies usually regard silicone seals as an important business. If we just look at this definition will feel a little strange, and in fact, fact, silicone tube sealing ring is everywhere in our daily life, everywhere.

The characteristics of silicone sealing ring from the perspective of silicone prototype

If you also want to know about the performance of silicone company and some silicone sealing rings can click on the silicone tube sealing ring, because the silicone tube sealing ring in the working pressure and a certain temperature range, it has good sealing performance, but also with the increase of pressure can automatically improve the performance of the seal; silicone prototype enables customers to wait for clear product test results before silicone seals are mass produced. And the friction between the device and the moving parts must be small, while the coefficient of friction must be stable.

There is its strong corrosion resistance, is not easy to age, and its long working life, wear resistance is very good, so after wear will be a certain extent automatic compensation; Silicone tube sealing ring is also widely used in hardware and plastic, HVAC , fire, water supply, and drainage, ships, pharmaceutical, and other piping systems, automobiles, toys, motorcycles, household appliances, electronics, all kinds of machinery, sports equipment, pneumatic components and sanitary ware and other places, life is everywhere.

Manufacturing technology of silicone company

Silicone products factory provides silicone sealing ring formula testing, silicone sealing ring composition analysis, performance improvement to reduce costs, shorten the development time, and product quality diagnosis. Mainly provide silicone formula testing, silicone sealing ring composition testing, provide rubber resistance to low temperature, tear strength, oxidation resistance, solve the problem of spraying, spraying, curing time is too long, unknown component detection, and quality control. Silicone prototype requires certain processes to control and operate.

Silicone seal component analysis process: This is what the Silicone company does. after the sample preparation is assessed, isolation, purification, detection of the instrument, spectrum analysis, and comprehensive validation of the five steps, using NMR analysis, X fluorescence spectrum analyzer, IR, mass spectrometer 10 tsu with instruments, such as size precision of the spectrum graph structure, the reduction formula analysis, the guide research, and development direction.

Significance of microspectrum analysis:

Resin identification: for unknown silicone samples, identification of the main components, provide import and export related certificates, high efficiency, low cost, accurate results.

Formula testing: after scientific analysis of rubber components, referring to the results of the spectrogram, plastic r & D experts reduce the composition ratio, and provide some raw material guidance. The formula is also quite closely related to the silicone prototype.

Performance improvement: according to the supplied sample performance imitation production, or according to the parameter performance, improve the formula, such as low-temperature resistance, tear strength, oxidation resistance, etc.

Industrial diagnosis: eliminate product quality problems caused by non-process problems, such as frosting, frosting, and vulcanization time is too long, and provide a set of problem solutions.

Advantages: an NMR analysis, mass spectrometer, IR analyzer, mass spectrometer, X-ray spectroscopy, etc., complete instrument;

Two, oil experienced experts, formula analysis of high accuracy; Three, with CMA certification qualification, has the most comprehensive product spectrum library, can identify almost all the rubber and plastic polymers on the market. These are some of the applications of silicone sealing rings and the problems and solutions in his formula, I hope to help you in the choice of silicone sealing rings, silicone company specializes in the production of all kinds of silicone sealing rings.

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