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How AI is Used in Marketing

According to a recent survey, the amount of the use of artificial intelligence used in marketing has risen a lot by 2020. 

In modernity, Marketing specialists are always in search of new ways of targeting their customers. But it is gradually becoming even more challenging to reach the audience and get the wanted results in today’s world of fast-changing and evolving trends and customer demands. 

Predictive Sales Analysis

Another prediction-based artificial intelligence tactic is predictive analysis. AI can make comparisons inside the industry and identify economic trends to predict your sales outcome, comparing it to the previous sales data. When making serious decisions and in other crucial times these results come to help. 

Predictive Ad Targeting

Making advertising more appealing and exciting for customers and hence more compelling is what every marketer’s job is. AI comes to help here too. It gives you some information about the ideal time to run an ad that will result in a sale. Targeting an audience with personalization is the best way to actually reach the customers and share your customer success podcast because they are a lot different. And AI vastly contributes to it. 

Automated Chatbots

A healthcare chatbot is used to communicate with customers or users if you’re in the healthcare industry. These programs are used to converse with users. The chatbot can be helpful for businesses to build communication with them and establish a relationship. But answering all the customers and keeping in touch with them is not easy, and that is where AI comes to help. Businesses often use the service of a chatbot agency to do the job. This eases the position of the customer service team and allows them to concentrate on more valuable tasks. 

Content Creation

Content creation is the domain in which AI is so far giving the worst results. However, it still provides some results, which help content writers and allows them to do their job faster. But according to some surveys, AI has nevertheless succeeded in some content creation giving satisfying results. As a business, you can still use automation tools to check the content created and ensure it’s well-written.

Problems of usage of AI in marketing 

Ethical Issues

AI is starting to encounter more and more ethical issues. Some people consider it an indirect fraud. They are condemned in a lot of countries in the world, including Russia. AI encounters a lot of controversies in the world. 

The Anticipation of Error and Mistrust

The thing is that AI is a meticulously elaborated robot, but it remains still a robot, in some cases, especially in such tasks like content creation and copywriting. For example, a chatbot that is not well-conceived can answer people’s questions incorrectly and result in poor customer service. 


To conclude, do not forget about the fact that specialized developers and data engineers are required to work with AI. In case such specialists did not work in the company before, it would be difficult to hire them because it would be hard to assess the level of their knowledge. 

This is why implementing artificial intelligence in the working process of the company is not an easy job: significant and particular resources are needed. 

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