High-Tech Mobile Accessories to Own in UAE

Let’s admit it, everyone owns a mobile phone nowadays and there’s not one person who’ll tell you they don’t have a phone. They have become a necessity for many reasons. However, phones are sometimes inconvenient to use and end up doing more harm than good. For example, a person driving a car may want to pick up a call from someone and while doing so may get distracted or steer the wrong way. This is why phone accessories are really popular as they help us protect ourselves, maintain safety and make our lives easier. There are, of course, several other different types of accessories that aren’t as significant but are really popular. These include designed phone cases, cell phone wristlets, selfie sticks, game controllers and so many more. They help decorate the phone and enhance its natural beauty which makes it pop. 

Moreover, they also take full advantage of your cell phone and give it the ability to function as a multi-purpose device too, making them very convenient. This blog will talk about different types of mobile accessories and the many benefits they bring to us.

1. GVTECH Car Phone Holder

This is a must-have in your mobile accessory collection for many great reasons. It has a multi-function mount which means it can be flexibly mounted on the dashboard and windshield. This will increase convenience and will make it the perfect phone holder for any kind of vehicle. It comes with an ultra-strong, sticky suction cup which holds your phone extra securely and firmly. Moreover, its 2-steps locking design enhances the stickiness and stability of the cup and the dash pad allows it to be stuck in flat surfaces. It also comes with an extendible arm with a rotating joint which can be adjusted to any angle and you can get this through the Amazon Coupon Code UAE

2. Anti-Drop Universal Braided Colourful & Adjustable Cross Body Lanyard Strap

You need this in your accessory collection and you will not regret the purchase. It’s a handmade, colourful braided lanyard which is eye-catching and fashionable. It’s made of nylon with a removable metal buckle and the neck strap is suitable for mobile phones, work cards, student cards, key chains, etc to keep your phone unobstructed all the time. It is the ideal mobile phone accessory for daily life. Moreover, the strong quick-release buckle helps to hold the mobile firmly and prevents it from falling accidentally. It also comes with a thickened connector that can fit a full-coverage phone case which is durable and easy to put on or take off. 

3. Active Stylus Pen White/Black

This will be a great addition to your accessory collection due to several factors. This stylus pencil includes a magnetic mesh end and a precise copper fine point tip end. Additionally, the mesh end facilitates the zoom feature and enables delicate and fluid text input. It has a user-friendly design and feels like a real traditional pen that is slim and light. Moreover, it’s highly convenient for hand-writing, note-taking, drawing and designing on an electronic device. It proves very useful for artists, journalists, engineers, teachers, students, etc. It also has a long-lasting battery life with 8-10 hours of use and an intelligent power-saving function. 

4. UGREEN Waterproof Phone Case

This is a necessity for your beach days and you will not regret the purchase. It Is a certified waterproof phone case with upgraded locks and reliable sealing which protects your phone against water and snow and ensures it stays dry and clean. Moreover, using its high-transparency material technology, it allows you to take crystal clear pictures underwater and will not affect the clarity of the screen display. Made of advanced soft PVC material, this waterproof case provides smooth and responsive screen touch with easy access to camera, calls, texting, etc. It also has an upgraded space and is universal, fit for all big phones up to 7.2 inches’ maximum and is compatible with a lot of devices. 

5. JETech Cell Phone Armband Holder with Key Holder

This product is an armband phone holder with a key and card slot and will be the perfect item for your daily walks and runs. It’s very compatible and is designed for smartphones that are 6.2 inches or less. It is made from skin-friendly material which makes it really comfortable and soft. It is also designed with a unique back cushion design which is anti-slip and non-permeable which makes it water-resistant. It has headphone and charger cutouts that allow direct access to the phone. Moreover, it comes with a headphone core holder which takes your workouts to the next level. It also has a double buckle loop with an extended band which allows it to fit onto different arm sizes.

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