Help create extraordinary wish journey’s for children like John

Every 16 minutes, somewhere around the world a wish is granted for a critically ill child. These children sometimes have to stay in the hospital for months. Make-A-Wish believes in the life-altering power of granting wishes. It enables the whole family to forget about their worries and genuinely spend quality time together. In this article you will learn more about Make-A-Wish and the power of granting wishes.

The impact of a wish journey

Granting wishes is a transformative experience for children living with a critical illness and their families. The experience lets a child truly enjoy activities that previously may have seemed impossible.

Wish children have expressed that they felt more positive about their future and felt more confident about their capabilities following their wish journey.

Make-A-Wish International believes in the importance of building up resilience and strength. A granted wish doesn’t just give hope and strength to the child, but to all of their loved ones.

John’s wish journey

One of the wish children is John. At the time of his wish he was 8 years old. John had always dreamed of driving in an army tank. The wish-granters of Make-A-Wish surprised him one morning, and parked an actual army tank right in front of his house. John and his family changed into army costumes and got ready to enter the tank.

John and his family take a tour in the army tank to the barracks. John learns everything there is to know about the life of a soldier. How to use the sleeping bag, backpack with all the essentials, and camouflage make-up. Next he got to shoot a real gun in a simulator. John was having the time of his life.

Granting wishes gives hope and strength to children like John. During his wish journey, he was shown that truly anything is possible. He and his family were overjoyed at the end of the journey. They got to create precious memories that would be forever treasured.

More about the leadership of Make-A-Wish

The leadership of Make-A-Wish stems from the determination and hardworking nature of the volunteers. Over a thousand volunteers, corporate sponsors, donors, and local communities are the reason that wish journey’s come to life. Do you want to help Make-A-Wish grant wishes and give hope to critically ill children and their loved ones? Donate today.

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