Guide to Choosing the Best Pellet Making Machine in Kenya

A pellet-making machine is a machine that is used to compress powdered material into sizable pellets. The compressed materials are varied depending on the intended use. If the pellets are animal feed, powdered livestock feeds will be used, for example, grains and fodder. If fuel is being made, the materials such as sawdust can be used.

Pellet making machine is a piece of essential equipment for a farmer; therefore, many considerations should be looked into before purchasing one.

The following are the primary consideration that should be made before purchasing a pellet-making machine.

  • The amount of pellet needed

The amount of pellets the farmer needs is one of the primary considerations when purchasing the pellet-making machine. For farmers doing pellet-making on a large scale, they should buy a ring die pellet-making machine rather than a flat die pellet-making machine. This is because the ring die type is designed for large-scale production of pellets.

If one ends up purchasing the flat die for large-scale production, then it may break down frequently since it will be overwhelmed by the work.

  • The reputation of the brand

The reputation of the brand is critical to consider. A brand usually gets a good reputation by manufacturing good pellet-making machines. You are guaranteed to buy a high-quality device if you purchase a pellet-making machine from a brand with a good reputation.

  • Maintenance requirements

The maintenance requirements should also be considered. You should purchase a pellet-making machine that is easy to maintain. The spare parts should also be available for easy repair if any breakdown arises. This will save the game the cost of purchasing another machine if the one in use breaks down.

  • The quality of pellets needed

If high-quality pellets are needed, then a high-quality machine should be purchased. For this reason, the quality of the pellets matters a lot during the purchase of the device.

  • The pellet size and shape needed

These characteristics primarily depend on the pellet-making machine’s size and type. If the pellets needed are large, then a big pellet-making machine is recommended. The shape of the pellets also matters, especially if they are going to be used as fuel. Therefore it is essential to consider these factors before purchasing one.

  • The power source

This is essential because a pellet-making machine is always powered to do its work. You should ensure you have a reliable power source before purchasing a pellet-making machine. If you don’t have access to electricity, consider having enough solar panels so that you can have enough power to drive your pellet-making device.

  • The cost of the machine

The pellet making machine price in Kenya matters a lot. This is because one will always buy something within their abilities. It is worth mentioning that an excellent pellet-making machine can be costly if you want to have a high-quality and durable pellet-making machine sure to spend a deal of money.


A pellet-making machine is a good piece of equipment that helps us compress powdered materials for animal feed or fuel. It is good to consider all the factors mentioned above before purchasing one.

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