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Getting rejected in interviews and digital marketing opportunities seem tough to crack?

The employment process is no longer just a one-way street. You need to know how to avoid getting rejected in interviews and digital marketing opportunities will knock  your door in no time!

Getting selected for an interview is a tough nut to crack. Many skills are required nowadays to get selected in an interview and get employed. It is not just a set of job responsibilities; your soft and hard skills matter.

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Many candidates get rejected in interviews and digital marketing opportunities seem hard to grab because they lack the required skill sets that a recruiter looks for. Since each domain has different skill set requirements, you must possess the right skills to get selected for an interview.

For instance, in marketing, you need specific skills to succeed in this field. An academically qualified resume may not always give you a heads up in an interview if you lack the required skills.

7 Major reasons for getting rejected in interviews

You get rejected even if you feel like you may get selected with your star resume and the interview atmosphere. You must have asked “how to overcome rejection”?

Dealing with Rejection is not easy. Let us look at these seven reasons why you keep getting rejected in interviews.

  1. Skills are not fit for the role – This is one of the most common reasons for not getting selected in interviews. Sometimes, the skills you possess are not enough or not fit for the role you have applied for.
  2. Lack of referrals – Referrals are essential in getting selected for interviews. Weak referrals and recommendations can directly lead you to the rejection list.
  3. Lack of Passion – Sometimes, the recruiter does not see enough passion, which you display during the interview. This leads to the rejection of your application.
  4. Lack of qualifications – Along with the skills, you must also possess capabilities in the domain for which you apply. If you miss out on that point, it will lead to rejection.
  5. Not better than other candidates – Even if you feel you are good, some other candidates may possess better qualifications and skills than you and will be among the top potential candidates for the job. This increases the chances of your rejection in the interview.
  6. A weak resume – A weak resume leads to job rejection, sometimes before an interview or during or after. A well-crafted resume is one of the essential things you must have to get selected in an interview.
  7. Visual details – A proper body language, visual appearance, and skills significantly impact your recruiter. Since all this displays your personality, it helps the recruiter to judge whether you will be the right candidate for the job or not.

Are you skilled enough to get into the marketing domain?

Getting into marketing is not easy. The interviews in the marketing field are tough. Since the marketing domain is diverse, it is not easy to get success in a career in digital marketing.

You must possess the right skills to be a vital marketing professional, avoid getting rejected in interviews and digital marketing opportunities seem easy to pick up to you. Thus, it is advised to prepare in advance with the help of proper training and certifications, such as through the Expertrons PRO Program.

Getting jobs after digital marketing course becomes much easier via this course. The program can help you gain domain-specific skills and can help you directly land your dream career.

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How can Expertrons PRO help you?

The program focuses on domain-specific training with 6000+ industry experts. You will be a part of 3.5 Lakh+ like-minded candidates and develop yourself with healthy competition and network.

Let us take a glance at the key features of the program –

  1. 5x Industry Knowledge and Skills
  2. Personalized Career Consultations
  3. Soft & Hard Skills Training
  4. Job Referrals in Top Companies
  5. 100% Job Placement Guarantee*

The program has all you need to kickstart your career.

Kickstart your

The career in digital marketing in India is adapting and evolving steadily.

The interviews are getting stricter every day to pace up with the change. You must take up the opportunity before it gets late by getting the right skills and training to outperform the competition and get hired by top companies.

Join the Expertrons PRO program and land your dream marketing job!

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