Get to know nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)

“Rhinoplasty” is a medical term. That means rhinoplasty surgery. but people in general, especially in Thailand Often understand and use this term instead of surgery for “rhinoplasty”, 

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which actually can not be used to replace each other exactly because the word “Rhinoplasty” or as foreigners call it “Nose job” means surgery to create a beautiful nose. Whether it is a rhinoplasty surgery for people with a flat nose. (Augmentation rhinoplasty) or surgery to reduce the size of the nose in people with enlarged nose (Reduction rhinoplasty), but because of the ethnic group of people in Asia. including Thailand All of them are flat noses, not erect, and the tip of the nose is not protruding. People who want nose surgery therefore want to augment the nose to make it more prominent, which is in contrast to western countries with a larger nose or nose bridge. Compared to people in Asia, the word “Nose job” is the same word in the meaning of western countries. Therefore, it often means to reduce the size of the nose, such as reducing the hump on the nasal bridge, which is usually large, to achieve a smooth nose that matches the meaning of the word “rhinoplasty” according to The treatment behavior of Thai people is the word Augmentation rhinoplasty, which means making the nose look small, flat, upturned or short, with a higher, rising, or more dimensional state.

Nose augmentation (Augmentation rhinoplasty), which is a cosmetic procedure. Popular in Thailand It can be divided according to the type of surgical incision (approach) into 2 types:

 Closed surgery (Closed rhinoplasty, endonasal rhinoplasty is a nose surgery in which all incisions are on the inside of the nostrils. no scars to look at Can be seen from the outside, open surgery or open end (Open rhinoplasty, open-tip rhinoplasty) or popularly known in social networks as open cut is a surgical incision inside the nose like closed surgery But there are wounds on the outside through the axis between the nostrils (transcolumellar incision) to connect to the incision in the other nostril This allows the surgeon to skin the nose up until the cartilage structure is visible. and all internal nasal bones clearly. Rib cartilage together with double eyelid surgery and chin augmentation. However, both closed and open surgery does not indicate The procedures that the surgeon will perform inside the nose in any way because some surgeons may perform an open nasal surgery to remove the silicone to be placed only. While another surgeon may do an open nose surgery. To adjust the structure of the nose, therefore, it is more important than the type of incision both closed and open. So it depends on what has been done to the nose in terms of structure. Next, let’s see if in terms of the structure of the nose Is there any method that can be done at present? Classification of rhinoplasty surgery according to restructuring method

Rhinoplasty is like building a house. If we have a house that looks flat and short, it doesn’t look beautiful, but we want our house to be high and airy. As beautiful as other people’s houses, how can there be any way? The author divides the method of rhinoplasty into two major methods, which is surgery by placing the material on top (On-top augmentation). is to strengthen the roof of the house to be thicker in order to make the whole house look taller This method is very popular. Because it is a simple and uncomplicated method, it doesn’t take long to operate. And this method also includes augmentation with various synthetic materials to different tissues from the patient, such as different types of silicone, Gore Tex Medpor, artificial leather (Acellular dermal matrix), ear cartilage. Rib cartilage Cartilage in the nasal cavity, cartilage, fascia from different areas, fat, skin attached to fat (dermal fat graft) of the patient’s own, etc.

 All of the above materials Whether it’s a synthetic material Or even tissue from different parts of the patient if it is brought under the skin by overlaying on bone structure or the original cartilage of the patient classified as an on-top complementary method

augmentation by restructuring the inside of the nose (Structure-integrated augmentation)

is to adjust the internal structure of the nose. It is a congenital surgery to change in desired style by adjusting the structure inside the nose. Each part will affect the external shape in different parts of the nose, such as adjusting the nasal tip cartilage. It can make the nose tip smaller, point up, upside down, or face up. But the surgeon needs it. When the tip of the nose rises up By adjusting the cartilage at the tip of the nose, the nostrils will be lengthened in the right proportion. At the same time, the wings of the nose tend to narrow down, followed by etc.

If comparing rhinoplasty to building a house The process of restructuring is to fix the columns, set up the new beams. so that the new structure is taller as needed to get the proportions and details that are close to the prominent and real nose nature itself due to the main structures around the tip of the nose. It mainly consists of cartilage, so it is a material that is popular in restructuring the nose. Especially around the tip of the nose is the cartilage (cartilage) from different parts of the patient itself. Because of the introduction of cartilage to restructure Over time, the body will create tissues to attach the newly inserted cartilage to merge with the existing cartilage naturally. To maintain long-term shape without resistance reaction. because it is the patient’s own tissue