From Zero to Hero: How to Build a Subscriber List Fast with Shopify SMS and Email Marketing

If you’re running an online store, building a subscriber list is an essential step toward growing your customer base and increasing your revenue. The ability to reach out to your customers via SMS and email marketing can be a game changer. And this is where Plexins comes in – a powerful SMS and email marketing platform built for Shopify brands.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of building a subscriber list in Shopify SMS and email marketing, and how Plexins can help you achieve this.

Why Plexins is the Best Choice for Building a Subscriber List in Shopify

It offers several unique benefits that make it the best choice for building a subscriber list in Shopify. These benefits include:

Easy-to-use tools for building subscriber lists at scale: Plexins’ website popups, landing pages, social opt-in links, custom QR codes, checkout forms, and SMS-to-Join keywords are all designed to help you build your subscriber list quickly and efficiently.

Powerful segmentation features: With Plexins’ data-rich segmentation, you can create more personalized marketing campaigns based on your customers’ product preferences, shopping behaviour, and other attributes.

Automated marketing features: Plexins offers several automated marketing features, including mass texting, autoresponders, email campaigns, data collection, segments, shortcodes, and triggers. These features are designed to help you automate your marketing campaigns and drive more sales.

Tips and Tricks for Building a Subscriber List Fast with Plexins

Now that we’ve discussed why it is the best choice for building a subscriber list in Shopify, let’s dive into some tips and tricks for building your list fast using Plexins.

Using Website Popups and Landing Pages

Website popups and landing pages are some of the most effective tools for building your subscriber list. They allow you to capture your visitors’ attention and encourage them to sign up for your SMS and email marketing campaigns.

To create effective website popups and landing pages, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use eye-catching graphics and compelling copy.
  • Offer a valuable incentive for signing up, such as a discount or free shipping.
  • Make it easy for visitors to sign up by keeping the form simple and asking for minimal information.

Social Opt-in Links and Custom QR Codes

Social opt-in links and custom QR codes are two more powerful tools for building your subscriber list.

To create effective social opt-in links and custom QR codes, follow these tips:

  • Make sure your links and codes are easy to find and share.
  • Offer a clear incentive for signing up.
  • Use engaging graphics and copy to make your links and codes more attractive.

Checkout Forms and Compliance

Checkout forms are an excellent way to collect subscriber information, as they allow you to capture information from customers who are already interested in your products.

To ensure compliance with data privacy laws and regulations, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure you have a clear privacy policy that explains how you will use customer information.
  • Only collect the information you need, and make sure you have a valid reason for collecting it.
  • Allow customers to opt out of your marketing campaigns at any time.

SMS-to-Join Keywords

SMS-to-Join keywords are a quick and easy way to collect phone numbers and grow your subscriber list.

To create effective SMS-to-Join keywords, follow these tips:

  • Choose a keyword that is easy to remember and relevant to your brand.
  • Offer a clear incentive for signing up.
  • Promote your keyword across all your marketing channels.

Importing Contacts

Another great feature of Plexins is the ability to easily import your existing contacts. This is especially useful if you have a large email list or a list of phone numbers that you have collected in the past. With Plexins, you can simply upload your list and start sending messages right away.

It’s important to keep your contact list up to date and clean, so make sure to regularly remove any invalid or inactive numbers or email addresses. This will help ensure that your messages are delivered to your subscribers and that your engagement rates stay high.

Personalizing Your Marketing Strategy with Plexins’ Segmentation Features

One of the key benefits of using Plexins for Shopify SMS and Email Marketing is its data-rich segmentation feature. With this feature, you can personalize your marketing campaigns based on your subscribers’ product preferences, shopping behaviour, and other custom attributes.

Segmentation is a powerful tool for improving engagement and increasing revenue. By sending targeted messages to specific groups of subscribers, you can make your marketing campaigns more relevant and effective.

To use Plexins’ segmentation feature effectively, it’s important to first define your segments based on your business goals and customer data. You can then create targeted campaigns for each segment, using personalized messaging and offers to drive conversions.

Maximizing the Potential of Automated Marketing with Plexins

Another powerful feature of Plexins is its automated marketing capabilities. With automation, you can set up triggered campaigns that are automatically sent based on specific customer actions, such as new user joins abandoned payments or product recommendations.

Automation can help you save time and increase revenue by delivering personalized messages to your subscribers at the right time. With it, you can set up automated campaigns for SMS, email, or both, and customize them to fit your specific business goals.

To maximize the potential of automated marketing with Plexins, it’s important to set clear goals and define your customer journey. You can then create triggered campaigns that align with each stage of the customer journey, from awareness to conversion and retention.


Building a subscriber list is a critical component of successful Shopify SMS and Email Marketing. With Plexins, you have access to a powerful platform that can help you grow your list fast and efficiently, while also providing advanced features for personalization and automation.

By following the tips and best practices outlined in this article, you can use Plexins to create effective popups and landing pages, leverage social media and QR codes, use checkout forms to collect subscriber information, and more.

With its segmentation and automation features, you can personalize your marketing campaigns and save time while boosting your revenue. So why wait? Sign up for Plexins today and start building your subscriber list and maximizing your marketing potential!

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