From a Thousand to a Million: How to Get Rich in Six Months

The advent of new technology makes it very easy to make money on the Web. Who have not heard about the millionaires who earned their money on the Internet. Here are a few tools with which you can make a fortune investing in the beginning just a modest sum:

  • all social networks;
  • the sale of information on thematic sites;
  • earn money on your game;
  • create your own e-commerce;
  • promote affiliate programs;
  • order or make your own website to make money on it!

Let’s review some of the ways which need little investments at the start but can make you a millionaire.

Affiliate program of a betting site

Site owners or bloggers can earn a significant income participating in gambling affiliate programs. And this income sometimes exceeds all the main sources of income. The fact that the remuneration of the webmaster is a very high percentage of casino profits: 15, and 25, and sometimes 60%. Increasing your affiliate income depends solely on attracting visitors to your site and convincing them to use services of a betting site as soon as they are there.

Just like their offline counterparts, online casinos are always on the lookout for new visitors and their own efforts alone can no longer bring in enough players. That’s why they are willing to pay a fee to attract new players and share their income. Affiliate models differ from each other. In the deposit form, the partner receives a certain percentage of payments, deducted from the deposits of the invited gamblers.

Using the Revenue Share system, webmasters receive partial profit, which is a percentage of losses of the attracted slot players (15-60%). If attracted players will often win, the income will go into minus. Many webmasters, who have negative balances, reset them at the end of the calendar month. Webmasters who attract new users make a financial profit, and the casino increases its audience of visitors.

Video blogging and social networks

The first method consists of creating an idea for a video, shooting and sharing the video. YouTube service is one of the most popular resources for posting video content. After a sufficient number of views, the service connects ads to the video, for viewing which the author is paid. Consequently, to earn a million, you not only need to have a large audience of viewers, but also regularly post new videos. In addition, the income depends on the subject matter, the quality of content and the demand for the audience of advertisers.

On Instagram, the shelf life of content is counted in seconds. You can only make money on Instagram by finding direct advertisers. The entry threshold is much lower, much easier to gather an audience. At the same time, the audience is partly closer, as Instagram is used more for trust and tracking the lives of influencers. It is good for promoting your own products or services.

YouTube’s earning model is radically different from Instagram. YouTube is the only “non-tape” social network. The shelf life of its content is counted in years. There is direct monetization through the Google AdSense affiliate program, so the author does not have to worry about finding advertisers. Once uploaded, the content will be monetized permanently. On the other hand, the entry threshold is higher here, it’s much harder to create content and harder to gain an audience.


Earnings on the Internet without investing is quite real, it’s not a myth. But let’s warn you right away – do not expect to make a lot of money right away. Remember that no way to make money online guarantees that the very next day you will get the first money in your account. But by being persistent and clearly aware of your goals, you can achieve the results you want.

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