For The Sweet Food Lovers Surti, Here Are The Yummy Cakes

Have you ever imagined an occasion or party without cake? Didn’t that feel incomplete? SO here we are to complete all your special days with our high quality, wide variants and extremely delicious cakes, which are just made for you, Surtis, who love desserts and celebrations. To satisfy your sweet tooth and be available for your anytime party, we are here to deliver, select from wide variants and make your occasion an unforgettable experience.


The multi-layered square cake, made from the delicious almond flavoured sponge, is just a dream come true for all coffee lovers. The almond sponge is divided into multi-layers, soaked in coffee syrup and then layered with the ganache and coffee buttercream. The chocolate glaze at the top adds to the flavours.

Holding on a lot of flavours, the cake is cherished by all. Order a birthday cake online now and gift your loved one the delicious and dainty cake to make them feel your love. With the assured quality, we assure the best taste and on-time delivery to make the occasion cherishable for the rest of your life with this beautiful French cake.


Imagine how tempting it is to have your loved crispy jalebi’s blend in the formed cake. Just similar to funnel cake, jalebi cakes are one the most trending cakes. Not only loved by the people of Gujarat but cherished across India, Jalebi cakes are the perfect cake to give your celebration an Indian touch.

The vanilla flavoured sponge topped with the Indian Funnel and vanilla frosting not only makes it eye-pleasing but satiates the taste buds too. Fusion with Rabdi, the Jalebi cake tastes more yummy. So let your festive celebrations be complete with this yummy and delicious ethnic Jalebi cake.


This cake is specially made for your loved ones. If someone is angry with you then you can gift him or her this cake. This cake is a perfect blend of red sugar and chocolate. The base of this cake is made up of chocolate with vanilla cream in between the layers and is covered with normal heavy cream mixed with Maple syrup.

This cake is now placed in a deep freezer at -5 degrees Celsius for around three hours to solidify the above Maple heavy cream. After three hours the cake is removed from the freezer and gently sprayed with Maple syrup over which red sugar crystals are added generously to cover it from all the sides. When you eat this cake the sugar will gently melt in your mouth and will give you a feel like it’s popping inside. One will love this beautiful cake and will not be satisfied by taking just one bite.


The name itself describes this adorable and fun-filled cake. Do you remember loving those multi-coloured sprinkles to eat a child? How tempting it will be to have a cake full of it. The multicolour sprinkles over the white vanilla frosting make the cake look adorable and perfect for the celebrations of your little one’s birthday.

The cake can be made of a Vanilla or Chocolate sponge that has many sprinkles into it, layered with thick, soft and smooth vanilla or chocolate buttercream and covered with white vanilla frosting multicolour sprinkles. Get the cake delivered in Surat and let your kid grow with a huge smile. This cute cake is certain to bring a lot of fun and giggles to your kid’s face.


The tempting Mango cake is most loved in all age groups, so make your occasion count with the dazzlingly beautiful Mango cake. Apart from a chocolate cake, the most commonly enjoyed is the mango cake. Base made of vanilla or Mango flavoured makes the cake delicious. It’s completely fair to say that not only does the mango cake satisfy the taste buds but also reaches the heart.

Being only available in summer, this summer, let’s beat the heat with the marvellous mango cake. Mango cake can be enjoyed in a variety of cakes like cheesecake, mouse cake, jars cake and it all tastes just yummy. When combined with chocolate, the Mango cakes are level up, so this summer, gift your near ones the token of happiness as a Mango cake.


Made without butter but still holding the aerated texture, it makes the angel cake less calorie-containing. So if your loved one’s diet or are health conscious, bring joy to their life on the special occasion with these Healthy angel cakes. Different from the regular sponge cake with its ingredients and the hole in the centre, it makes the angel cakes unique.

Angel cakes can be topped with various fruits and other toppings and frosting of your choice. So send  cake online with us and let your celebrations be unique with our unique angel cake.

Not only perfect for your celebrations, parties and occasions, our cakes are also perfect for your anytime sweet cravings. With thousands of varieties, we maintain good quality and clean hygiene for baking these tempting and luscious cakes for the food and dessert love you hold. So enjoy and have fun with our perfectly baked cakes that all will love.

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