Five ways to identify genuine Marc Jacobs handbags in imitation

Marc Jacobs is well-known to many people thanks to his time spent as Louis Vuitton’s creative director. However, not everyone is aware that the designer also owns his own brand under his own name.

The American fashion brand, which has more than 285 retail locations globally, is the source of designer bags that you must have in your collection.

What stores sell Marc Jacobs bags?

As previously indicated, Marc Jacobs operates hundreds of retail locations throughout 60 nations. You’re in luck if you live close to one of their stores; that’s where you can find Marc Jacobs most easily.

However, if you’d prefer not to do so, you may always make a purchase through their official website, Marc Jacobs.

Not to mention resellers. The authenticity of designer bags, including Marc Jacobs bags, is guaranteed on websites like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Farfetch.

These websites are fantastic substitutes for shopping directly from Marc Jacobs boutiques if you’re trying to save some money.

Avoid trying your luck in flea markets because they are stocked with low-quality imitations that are identical to the real thing. However, if you choose to hunt for marc jacobs beach bags at one of these markets, we have some advice that will enable you to distinguish between genuine and fake items.

  1. Verify whether the bag includes a dust bag.

The dust bag that comes with the purse should be your first stop when searching for a new Marc Jacobs accessory.

Marc Jacobs’ dust bags are distinguishable by their straightforward designs, which include just the logo on the front. Although they can be obtained in a variety of hues and designs, white is the most common colour for their dustbags.

Remember that this advice is only helpful if you’re expressly shopping for new bags. There’s a potential that pre-owned bags won’t come with their original dust bags.

Additionally, knockoffs sometimes include their own dustbags, so be sure to inspect the entire bag to confirm your suspicions.

  1. Check the bag for the interior brand name

The Marc Jacobs brand name is printed on the interior lining of the majority of Marc Jacobs handbags.

Just below the brand name is a “Made in” stamp that identifies the country of manufacture. From here, there are a few things you should remember.

Check to see if the font used for the “made in” stamp matches that of the Marc Jacobs emblem. All genuine marc jacobs beach bags should have the same fonts, so if you find a bag with a different font, you can be sure it’s a fake.

Even though Marc Jacobs purses are mostly if not entirely made in China, the leather may come from Italy. Real Marc Jacobs bags are made in China and other nations with low manufacturing prices, despite being an American brand.

Second, observe the distance between the letters in the name and stamp as well as how they are situated in relation to the handbag.

Compare the interior brand name with images you may obtain online because many producers of counterfeit Marc Jacobs handbags don’t get the space and positioning of the brand name correct.

  1. Take Notice of the Stitching on the Handbag’s

Leather Designer brands don’t skimp on their bags, so you should demand nothing less than perfectionor a near approximation of it. This is true, particularly for their stitching, which is why it’s such a reliable telltale sign of real versus fake handbags.

Simply check to determine if the handbag’s stitching is uniform throughout. Like many designer handbags, Marc Jacobs handbags have flawlessly lined stitching all around the bag.

They are nice, even, and straight. It’s not the actual thing if there is any irregularity or defect in the stitching.

  1. Inspect the Handbag’s Zipper

Examining the bag’s zippers is one of the simplest ways to determine if it is an authentic Marc Jacobs handbag. Genuine Marc Jacobs handbags employ RIRI or Lampo zippers, both of which have distinctive characteristics that make them simple to identify.

You can quickly get the answer by just comparing the zippers on the handbag you’re looking at to online photographs of RIRI and Lampo zippers.

Simply look behind the zipper for the lettering to identify RIRI zippers. It is simple to miss. Make sure to check the RIRI logo’s letters as well because they might not match the genuine thing.

In the case of Lampo zippers, they are often located in the bag’s side pockets. They are rarely used as the primary zipper because RIRI fills that role.

But they both feature the Marc Jacobs logo on the front of each zipper, which is a characteristic they both share. Check all of these logos carefully because they should be uniform, just like the rest of the bag.

YKK zippers are a surefire sign that a bag is a knockoff Marc Jacobs design. Although YKK is frequently utilised in designer bags, Marc Jacobs hasn’t, at least not yet, employed these zippers in their bags.

  1. Discover the bag’s serial number

The serial number that is included with each Marc Jacobs bag is last but certainly not least. Unfortunately, older Marc Jacobs bags don’t have serial numbers; only recent models of Marc Jacobs bags have them.

Numerous details are contained in the serial number, including the model number and the season and year of manufacture. To determine whether the serial numbers correspond with genuine bags, you can compare them.

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