Five real struggles of marriage in Indian marriage

Marriage is indeed ladoo, no one wants to neglect it, and one who eats could not digest it. It would be a medicine for life if roles were played nicely. It kills loneliness and increases the circulation of happy moments in life. But, similar to other medicines, it has some side effects too. The list is endless, from sharing your name, room, and personal things to leaving some habits. For a perfect partner, one has to choose and visit the gurgaon matrimony for the best profiles in town. Of course, every marriage is unique and has some other effects, but still, we collected some of the common side effects:

  • “me time” could only be the dream: marriage is everything about sharing- joys, secrets, bedroom, closet, food, bathroom, time and outings. And this is for both partners. It’s a good thing, but sometimes a point comes where you crave some “me” time. It could be being by yourself, partying with friends, or just lying down with the TV remote.
  • You may gain weight: in Indian marriage, it is a real problem, mainly because of the elaborate dinners, parties and back-to-back rituals for the newlywed couple. You have noticed that a couple starts gaining weight and, after a month, tend to have round bellies. Initially, a couple becomes so busy managing their new life, family, friends, work, etc., that there is no time to take care of their health. This is common in both love and arranged marriage as couples love to spend time with each other and try out dishes, especially when coming from different cultural backgrounds.
  • You get frequent lectures on cleanliness: this is mainly for bachelor men living alone away from home. Most of them still do not understand why they are angry. They never knew the place of things were fixed and could be an issue. Men feel that women overreact, and women think men are careless. This is also a national issue in every home in the initial days of marriage.
  • Endless household work: it is all over now. All the dinner dates, movie nights, and long rides are dreams as girls are so busy with house chores. These all are easier in the courtship period as you never have to plan things for the following day, but after marriage, one has to plan everything.
  • You may become a referee: this may sound cliché, but husbands could quickly get into this. Indian families are joint and have a long list of relatives and family friends that women have to care about after marriage. Sometimes it becomes so annoying for a girl to accept feedback from everyone; thus, it all comes back to her husband, and he becomes a bridge or a referee during flights.
  • Maid is now a necessity: if you have already visited any marriage bureau in faridabad for marriage. It would help if you looked for a maid that handles all your household chores as couples are primarily working these days and have no time to perform all other house necessities.

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