Factors That Affect the Prices of Commercial Juice Extractors in Kenya

The price of commercial juice extractors is among the major factors one should consider before investing in a good extractor. The pricing of the juice extractor may be affected by different factors, which we shall delve into in this article.

The continuous evolution of the hospitality and restaurant industry has contributed to the addition of various devices to make work easier. The commercial juice extractor is among those devices whose popularity has been due to producing juices in bulk.

Many options in the market would be good for commercial use and even daily use at home. It is, therefore, important to be conversant with some of the factors that may affect the pricing of a juice extractor before purchasing one. Some of the factors have been discussed below.

The Make of the Machine

The commercial juice extractor prices in Kenya differ from one brand to another. Like other machines, juice extractors come in different designs and make unique for each brand. Some brands have different features on their machines that may not be available in others, a factor that affects pricing.

The Speed of the Machine

The speed at which the juice extractor operates is a key factor that dictates its pricing. Some machines may be the same size and have similar features but different price ranges since others are slower and others are faster, affecting the machine’s productivity.

The Durability of the Machine

One of the essential factors that affect the pricing of the commercial juice extractor is its life span. A juice extractor that will last longer will tend to be more expensive than one that will require replacing after a few months, especially where juice extraction is done often and in bulk.

The Wattage of the Extractor

The wattage of a juice contractor affects its power consumption. An extractor with a higher wattage is more powerful and works more efficiently, extracting juice from various fruits and vegetables. The power is different in machines with lower voltage, making the two devices’ price range different.


The size of an extractor’s motor affects the quantity of juice produced and its ability to extract juice from a wide range of fruits and vegetables since some of them may be tougher to juice, such as carrots and beetroots. Extractors with a more powerful motor are more expensive than those with less powerful motors.

Size of the Juice Extractor

Smaller juice extractors are going to cost lesser than much bigger juice extractors. Bigger juice extractors can juice more fruits of different sizes without having to chop up the fruits into smaller pieces which often happen while using smaller juice extractors. This factor makes a difference in the prices of juice extractors.


Before settling on the commercial juice extractor that would be most suitable for your needs, it is important to consider the price range that will suit your budget. With the knowledge of factors that affect the prices of juice extractors, you are now in a better position to make a better-informed decision. Check also chafing dishes.