Extend the Durability of Your Toupee with the Guidelines

The durability of the toupee will vary depending on the frequency, care and routine of use. Its yarns are produced with natural hairs and synthetic fibers. They must not be dyed or bleached as they do not react like human hair. Always remove the toupee from your head before bed, avoiding tangling the strands.

As soon as you notice signs of strand tangle, spray “no rinse styling cream” diluted in plenty of water. Spray all over the toupee, but especially on the strands that are tangling the most (usually the ones that have the most contact with the nape and back). Then untangle the strands with your fingers. If the product you have purchased from cheap hair replacement system supplier is with straight strands, you can use the comb. Apply “tip repair oil” or “hair pomade” to keep the ends silky and moisturized.

When using thermal modelers, the heat limit supported by the product must be respected: 180 degrees Celsius. However, please note that the toupees will not return to their original state, even after washing. Straightening or curling any synthetic fiber is irreversible, and reduces the life of your toupee. Curly products do not accept thermal treatment, only smooth, wavy and curly ones – check the description of each product.

Lace toupees and cleaning products – is this a good combination?

As many people know, washing your synthetic or natural hair toupee yourself requires some basic care. One of them is the head support, which provides the necessary support for the piece during the washing process.

Soaking hair in softeners and liquid waxes instead of shampooing and conditioning feels weird, doesn’t it? But for veterans when it comes to lace toupees, the practice is common. Some users of synthetic hairs bet on cleaning products when hydrating and shaping the hair, leaving the look very natural. Always order hair toupee from top men’s hairpieces manufacturers that also offer higher durability.

Bets on liquid wax for wooden surfaces to give shine and renew the lace. The product works by providing a positive reaction in synthetic material toupees in different textures. The secret is to soak the product in a solution of water and wax (about a liter of water to a glass of wax), wait 40 minutes, remove and dry the strands. The softness and good smell are surprising!

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Combining beauty and household cleaning products also rocks out in care. The treatment varies between curly and smooth textures and has different methods to take care of each of the laces. In the smooth ones, bets on the recipe with liquid wood wax and on the curly ones, fabric softener and coconut-based hair cream.

For frizzy yarns, fabric softener is the best solution. Leave the lace for 15 minutes to soak in the product. Feel what a good smell it is and how soft it is.

How about these tips to take care of lace toupees in a practical and cheap way? Treating synthetic toupees with cleaning products is safe and recommended both for the maintenance of straight and wavy hair, as well as frizzy and curly hair.

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