Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Locks

The electromagnetic locks or also known as electromagnets, are characterized by being a very innovative and modern kind of lock, which allows to improve the security of a door no matter where it is located, they are highly reliable, easy to access and quick installation, as long as it has been installed by a professional who knows about magnetic locks.

Their operation is based on an electro magnet. Some are placed in the door frame and others correspond to the plate where the door is installed. Once the magnet is turned on, the door will be totally closed, thanks to the fact that the plate will remain firm in front of the magnet. It is necessary to mention that the lock must be unlocked electromagnetically both when entering and leaving. 

One of the main advantages of this technology is that they are not subject to mechanical stress, this allows a quick exit in case of emergency, as might be needed in the case of hospitals, universities, hotels, laboratories, apartments, fairs, shopping malls, among many other spaces, this type of system is easily adapted to any type of doors, windows or frames so it can get to work in virtually any system that needs to close or offer security. Another notable advantage of this method of locking is that they do not require keys, so they do not wear out and are highly recommended for those spaces of high passage. 

The diversity in which you can find this type of electromagnetic locks is unlimited, it may depend on the size, mounting and locking force and voltage (just to mention a few) although the most popular are classified into three groups: fingerprint, key or password. 

Types of electromagnetic locks


They are ideal for installation in outdoor as well as indoor systems. Their opening is due to a device that allows access control, either a push button or remote control. 

They have a high resistance, can withstand even 300kg of force, are reversible and easy to install, do not require modifications to the frames or doors, can be adjusted to any type of door, although they are specially designed for gates and trellises. 

As a recommendation, it is important that, at the moment of acquiring this type of locks, the supplier offers a warranty of at least two years, because sometimes the electrical system may fail.

With through electric bolt:  

They are specially manufactured for mental or wooden doors, it has an electric lock that allows automating the access and safeguarding the security. It is composed of a stainless steel bolt with diameter, a door locking system and a closed monitor, it also has a magnetic switch that allows to determine the position of the door, an alarm system that notifies if the door is left open. 


When you want to carry out the installation of this type of lock, it is always best to have a professional specialized in electromagnetic locks

This type of lock is composed of two essential parts, a powerful electromagnet that is fixed to the door frame and another one that is fixed to the metal plate that is attached to the door leaf. 

To prevent the rotor from being removed, it is always advisable to place a rosette to protect the cylinder. A magnetized device should be connected to allow the door to close once the cylinder is opened. 

If you do not know which one to choose, you can always count on the guidance of a locksmith in Las Vegas or wherever you reside, as long as he is knowledgeable and you allow him to evaluate your home.