Everything About Duolingo Test and Its Conversion To IELTS Score

The Duolingo English Test is one way of testing your English proficiency. In a recent global study, it was determined that IELTS gave a higher mean score than the Duolingo English Test. However, when comparing the Duolingo IELTS score in terms of band scores, it recorded a higher number of students achieving band scores of 5 and above.

How is Duolingo Test Scored?

The Duolingo English Test evaluates candidates on the basis of real-world language skills like Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Candidates receive a score on a scale of 10 to 160, which can be compared to the conventional study abroad examinations through a simple conversion. The top universities usually prefer a total score of more than 120, equivalent to an IELTS score of 7 or above.

Duolingo’s adaptive test is challenging. As you answer questions correctly, subsequent questions become harder, but the next question will be easier if your answer is wrong. The test has a limited number of questions. But the adaptive feature allows the test to accurately evaluate your language ability in a short period of time.

Duolingo to IELTS Conversion

The following is a chart of Duolingo IELTS conversion scores, as reported in a study conducted by Duolingo.

Duolingo Score Duolingo IELTS Conversion
10 1.5
15 2
20 to 25 2.5
30 to 40 3
45 to 50 3.5
55 to 60 4
65 to 70 4.5
75 to 80 5
85 to 90 5.5
95 to 100 6
105 to 1110 6.5
115 to 120 7
125 to 130 7.5
135 to 140 8
145 to 150 8.5
155 to 160 9

Score Interpretation – Duolingo IELTS Conversion

The score interpretation of the conversion scores is as follows –

  • Duolingo Score: 10 to 60

Students should be able to explain basic English words and phrases and express their thoughts in common contexts.

  • Duolingo Score: 65 to 90

The speech or writing will be about the routines of your life: school, work, planning, and so on. The speakers or writers will give an opinion, plan, or experience on a routine thing, like school or work.

  • Duolingo Score: 95 to 120

The better you write and speak, the better you interact with native English speakers. Understanding key ideas is essential, as well as grasping unfamiliar topics.

  • Duolingo Score: 125 to 160

Students must be familiar with specialised vocabularies for several academic disciplines and be able to use language in flexible ways for a variety of tasks.

How Can I Take the Duolingo Test?

The Duolingo English Test is available to anyone who wishes to take it. Candidates must be at a particular level of language proficiency to appear for the test. Further, they need to meet certain prerequisites such as –

  • Candidate’s passport
  • Driver’s license 
  • Government ID
  • A laminated and quiet room
  • 60 minutes worth of free time
  • Stable internet connection
  • A laptop or computer equipped with a webcam, microphone and speakers

Further, one must follow some set rules while appearing for this test. They are as follows –

  • Duolingo has dictated that candidates wishing to take the exam must be alone in the room.
  • They cannot speak with anyone while they are taking the test.
  • The candidate cannot use their browser to navigate away from the site. 
  • Candidates are limited in where they can move their mouse during the exam.

Exam Duration and Fee – Duolingo IELTS Conversion

The total duration of the test is 1 hour. It consists of a five-minute setup, a forty-five minute adaptive section that measures the candidate’s problem solving abilities and personal fit for the job, and a ten-minute ungraded video interview in which the candidate answers open-ended questions. 

The Duolingo English Test is $ 49, and the cost includes receiving results within 48 hours or two days of completing the test. Candidates who take the test online can send their score reports to as many universities as possible. They will receive an email notification upon completion of the test, after which they have two days to complete a second test. Results are valid for two years.

Duolingo IELTS Conversion – Acceptance

Duolingo has developed an English language proficiency test that is recognised as proof of English proficiency by hundreds of US universities, including Columbia University, the University of Chicago, Duke University, and Yale University. It may be an increasingly popular method for demonstrating mastery of the English language.

For both the IELTS and the Duolingo English Test, scores are valid for two years. IELTS is an established and widely accepted standardised test that allows students to demonstrate their proficiency in English. However, because centres were closed due to flu virus outbreaks, students have found taking traditional tests like IELTS to be increasingly difficult. Duolingo IELTS score effectively bridges this gap by providing a convenient alternative.

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