Earn OSRS gold through power leveling

RuneScape is a fantasy-themed MMORPG that remains popular even after more than 20 years of existence. Due to its long lifespan, it is loved by many generations of gamers. In fact, the original was in such high demand that it ended up being released as Old School Runescape. For some, the game might feel outdated, but for others, it’s a wave of nostalgia that takes you back to the games of your school days. One of the most valuable achievements in this game is gold.

If you want to find new ways to earn OSRS gold, then you can benefit from practicing power leveling. If this is something that troubles you, to the point of wanting to buy OSRS gold, then this is a viable way to do it yourself. But this is not the only reason, and we will see in this article why powerleveling is effective.

What is OSRS power leveling?

You may already know what power leveling is without having heard the concept before. You may already know it as “grinding”, in which players attempt to increase their skill levels as quickly as possible without having to add or lose resources along the way. There are several different skills in the game that have different ways to level up, which we’ll look at.


To improve your melee skill, you will need to kill some enemies. The Monkey Guards, which you will find in Marimbo Temple, are a good example of enemies to kill. Otherwise, you can also kill Bandits, Experiments, Flesh Crawlers, Ghouls, Yaks, Rock Crabs, Hill Giants, Fire Giants, and Giant Spiders. If you can, level up using Varrock Guards, as well as Deadly Red Spiders and Sand Crabs, to level up faster.


Some of the OSRS powerleveling methods that players commonly use for building include building pantry and oak doors, before destroying them. You can also level up quickly by building mahogany tables.

To cook

As for what you can cook to boost your levels, focus on lobster, swordfish, and monkfish. Shark, tuna, and wine are also great sources of recipes to quickly improve your cooking skills.

Arts and crafts

Want to quickly improve your crafting skills? So take a look at gold amulets and gemstones. You should also craft hard leather and different forms of dragon hide to improve your skills. Elemental combat staffs such as the air combat staff can be useful here.

Agricultural exploitation

For farming in OSRS, focus on planting and uprooting spirit and fruit trees for leveling.

Fire making

Firecraft training in OSRS is most effective when using willow, maple, mahogany, yew, and magic logs. You can also master wintertodt to quickly reach higher levels of this skill.


Fishing is also quite simple since you can simply take part in fly fishing in Barbarian Village, Shilo Village, or Lumbridge. Barbarian fishing at Otto’s Cave is also useful.


As for feather mounting, cut maple bows, yew bows, and magic bows. You can also try stringing bows and crafting darts to improve your level in Old School Runescape.


Focus on Serum 207 and Prayer Potions for this category, which are two popular methods used by players.


If you’re looking to quickly train your hunting skills, catch and release black, red, or orange salamanders. You can also try to catch carnivorous chinchompas from OSRS.


Your magic skill will depend on what you choose to cast. Good examples include high-level alchemy, as well as chain jewelry and lock spells using the Chaos Gauntlets.


There are only two methods worth looking into for mining when it comes to leveling up in OSRS. This is the extraction and deposit of iron ore and granite, or the Motherlode mine, which will allow you to earn money.

Of course, there are other skills in the game that you can focus on, but these are just some of the best choices and most practical methods you can use. In the end, it all comes down to how much time you’re willing to spend on each skill without having to find someone selling OSRS gold. That said, the concept of scaling up doesn’t always revolve around this, as it’s more about using particular methods to hone your skills without resorting to resources.

If you choose to level up a skill to emphasize OSRS powerleveling, you can choose mining. This is indeed a great example of how the system works. Instead of focusing on banking and selling what you mine, you drop it and repeat the process. So you’re not so much interested in OSRS money as in being able to do without it and improve your skill level faster. If you are willing to level up despite this, then the above methods can be very effective.

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