Dos and Don’ts for Minor Car Accidents

Every driver should strive to arrive alive and their machines intact. However, this is not always the case. You are likely to be involved in minor car accidents involving other motorists, other road users, or property damage.

When you get involve in minor car accidents, there are steps you ought to take. This primer will help you appreciate the basic dos and don’ts when the inevitable happens.

1. Halt and stop the engine

Immediately you’re involved in a minor wreck, do not think of driving away from the scene. Do not be tempted to drive an inch away, no matter how trivial the scene looks.

2.Protect the scene from interference

Do what you can to prevent further damage from happening. If anyone should come to access the scene, they should find everything “as is”. If it is nighttime, find a torch or keep the flashes on.

The light helps you to remain still. Nervousness can cause you to make silly errors. Get in the immobile car as you wait for help to come. You may also choose to wait by the roadside.

3.Call 911

Most motorists will access the accidents and dismiss this step because they assume the accident is a minor one. Even when the accident is minor and there is no severe damage or injuries, it is critical to call 911.

The police report may be necessary if you have to claim with your insurance provider. At times, the accident may appear minor only to realize other major issues that need a third-party intervention. Wait for the police. Once they write a report, they’ll advise you what to do with the car.

4.Record an accurate version of the accident

Since you are the one that called the police, ensure you give them the truthful record of events as they happened, to the best of your knowledge. Do not be tempted to add any information you are not sure about the accident. It is okay for the investigating officer to note that you do not know exactly what happened.

Never speculate or guess the order or gravity of events leading to the accident. False information, exaggeration, and speculations can cause problems in the future. When asked if you’re hurt or not, it is advisable to say that you’re not sure if you do not feel any pain at the time.

It is common for motorists to feel pain and find injuries hours after the accident. Other people involved in the accident give accurate information to the police.

5.Take pictures and video clips

You need all the evidence of the accident. You may use your cell phone to take video clips and photos of the accident scene. Take pictures of your injuries. Take images of the damaged property.

6.Exchange information with relevant parties

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Obtain the names and contacts of all involved in the accident. You should also record information about the insurance cover for all the motorists involved in the accident. You can also exchange contact with any witnesses if there are any.

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Minor accidents are inevitable. Motorist should protect their interests by taking charge of the situation by following these steps.

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