Don’t Miss Insigne’s FUT 22 End Of An Era Squad Building Challenge

This FUT 22 End of an Era Squad Building Challenge rewards Insignes’s 96 OVR item card. It takes three teams to receive the reward.

Don’t let the best FUT coins price from U7Buy slip unnoticed! FUT 22 offers players the opportunity to complete Squad Building Challenges. The activities require you to put together a team based on specific requirements. Once the team is completed, you can trade it in for a reward. This week’s series of Squad Building Challenges feature Insigne’s 96 OVR End of an Era item. Don’t forget to buy cheap FUT 22 coins from U7Buy so you can complete this SBC without too much hassle!

FUT 22 Insigne End of an Era Squad Building Challenge Requirement and Suggestions

This is the item card that comes from the SBC. It has very nice stats.

Lorenzo Insigne

Position: Left Wing.

OVR: 96.

Stats: 97 pacing, 93 shooting, 95 passing, 98 dribbling, 47 defending, 60 physical.

Lorenzo Insigne was born in Naples, Italy. He comes from a family of footballers. His three brothers play as well. After playing for the youth Napoli team for four years, he made the transition to the main Napoli team in 2010. On loan, he also played for Cavese, Foggia, and Pescara. In 2022, he signed a four-year contract with Toronto FC. Since 2012, Insigne has represented his national Italian team. He played with the national team at the UEFA Euro 2020 when Italy won the tournament.

To get his item, you will have to put together three teams: Tactical Emulation, Italy, and Serie A TIM. All teams must have 11 players. Let’s see the other requirements.

Tactical Emulation team requirements:

At least one player from Napoli.

At least one In Form Team of the Season item.

83 team rating.

80 team chemistry.

Italy team requirements:

At least one player from Italy.

At least one In Form Team of the Season item.

85 team rating.

65 team chemistry.

Serie A TIM team requirements:

At least one player from the Serie A TIM league.

87 team rating.

50 team chemistry.

We present you with a few item suggestions that can be included in each team. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. The cheapest solution for all three teams costs around 190,000 FUT 22 coins.

Tactical Emulation suggestions: 83 OVR striker Jesus, 83 OVR center midfielder Partey, 85 OVR center back Matip.

Italy suggestions: 81 OVR center midfielder Vidal, 84 OVR center forward Mertens, 94 OVR goalkeeper Lafont.

Serie A TIM suggestions: 92 OVR goalkeeper Maignan, 83 OVR striker Morata, 84 OVR left midfielder Kostic.

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