Does Australia Have A Green Card Like The US?

A green card or permanent residents’ card is an official government document verifying a person’s legal right to live and work in the United States indefinitely. Members of the permanent resident population are referred to technically as legal permanent residents or green card holders. The green card is the identity of the United States, but the question now is, does Australia have a green card like the US? The Answer is Yes, but they are often known as “permanent resident’s cards.”

Australian migrants are those who have been granted permanent residency in Australia through a migrant or permanent resident visa. Although immigrants do not automatically acquire citizenship upon arrival, they are eligible to apply for citizenship once they have lived in the country for a certain period. In addition to family and work ties, refugees and those in need of humanitarian assistance also have several avenues to immigration to Australia.

Steps to Permanent Residency in Australia?

Here are some of the simple steps for getting an Australian residency in Australia:

  • Finding the right visa for you

When it comes to finding the right visa, there are different categories to be used:

  • Family-based Permanent Residency: for those who have permanent residents or Australian citizens as partners, fiancés, dependent relatives or children, there is the possibility of migration visas. 
  • Work-related Permanent Residency: when it comes to work-related permanent residency, there are different categories to be used, such as doctors and nurses, sill select, general skilled immigrant, and employer-sponsored work.
  • Understand if you meet Visa Requirements

Once you’ve selected a visa that suits your needs, review the application’s prerequisites. You shouldn’t waste your time or money on a migration benefit if you don’t qualify. To obtain a visa, you may need a sponsor, a citizen relative, capital to invest, a specific skill set, or a degree of education and training.

  • Apply for an Australian Visa

Finding the appropriate visa and ensuring that you meet all its prerequisites are necessary before submitting your application. Most applications need you to provide supporting papers and an administration fee. Before submitting, double-check that all required information is included in your application.

  • Wait for the decision

There may be a delay of several weeks or months before you hear back from DHA on your application form, depending on the type of visa you seek and the current backlog at the agency.

  • Accept your Visa

Your application for a migrant visa to Australia will be granted if you meet certain criteria, and you will then be able to settle down there permanently. It’s possible that you’ll be able to apply for citizenship soon. Visas for permanent residents of Australia are valid for a maximum of five years and can be renewed. If your visa is still valid, you can freely enter and exit Australia at will. Among the many advantages of permanent residency are:

  • The right to public education
  • The right to citizenship
  • The right to bring relatives to Australia
  • The right to work

Bottom Line

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