Do You Ever Wonder about These Wig Types? Human Hair Wigs with Bangs,  Freetress Water Wave & U Part Wig Human Hair

The wig industry constantly produces new trends and wig types. Three new trends are human hair wigs with bangs, freetress water wave and U part wig human hair. How about getting informed about these wig types? Let me give some details about these wigs in this article.

1. Why are Human Hair Wigs with Bangs So Trendy?

The interest of women in human hair wigs with bangs skyrocketed, especially after 2020. Here are two main reasons for this.

Human hair wigs with bangs are beginner-friendly.

As a newbie wig wearer, it is natural that you may be afraid that your wig can be noticed because you cannot adjust the natural hairline. To be free from this worry, leaving some bangs in the front would be a good idea. That is why many women who start their wig experience prefer human hair wigs with bangs. In that way, they disguise their natural hairline and feel more confident. And the second reason;

Every woman is fond of some bangs, which will look cute and cool on her.

The bangs can be long or short. They can be sleek or straight. Regardless of the style, length or color, women like bangs. As a result, human hair wigs with bangs with different styles, lengths and structures are becoming more and more popular among women nowadays.

2. Some Human Hair Wigs with Bangs that You Can Prefer

Water Wave with Bangs

It would a great feeling to experience the beauty of the curls of water wave and bangs together.

Fluffy Afro Curly with Natural Fringe

It is different and unconventional. You will make a difference with these wigs.

Curly Wig with Bangs

These wigs are surely cute and cool.

3. What is Freetress Water Wave?

Before explaining what freetress water wave is, you should know about crochet braids.

Crochet braid is the technique used to add hair extensions to your hair. In this technique, natural hair is braided or cornrowed, and hair extensions are added to the hair in a loose way. There are six popular types of crochet braids.

  • Crochet box braids
  • Faux locs
  • Crochet twist out
  • Crochet Havana twists
  • Crochet Senegalese twists
  • Deep Waves

To sum up, freetress water wave is the crochet braid type where deep wave hair extensions are added to the braided or cornrowed hair in a loose way. Women prefer this wig style for full and long hair.

4. Why Do Women Choose Freetress Water Wave?

Freetress water wave is another popular trend.  Here are some reasons why this trend is becoming so popular.

Primarily, women like freetress water wave because they can have full and long hair. This wig forms curly waves and look natural, voluminous and shiny. This definitely adds to the hair beauty greatly and ensures a high-standard hair look.

I admit that the installation process of freetress deep wave is lengthy and tiring. However, once you have installed it, you may not take it off for a long time, which will be reasonable after such a lengthy and tiring installation process. You can sleep or even swim with your freetress deep wave by properly protecting it. It means that you do not have to spend time installing your wig every day. It will be enough for you to care for your wig as you do for your natural hair.

Freetress deep wave is also versatile and offers you many styles. Long hair enables you to try numerous styles with these wigs.

These wigs are also breathable and protect your natural hair. You can easily access your natural hair to clean it.

Freetress deep wave will be economical for you as well. Buying 5-7 hair extension packs, which will cost you much less than an ordinary wig, will be enough to install your wig.

5. Installing Freetress Water Wave

I can summarize the installation of freetress water wave in four basic steps.


To install the wig, hair extensions should be clean and dry. For that reason, it is advisable that you wash the hair extensions one day before the installation and dry them fully and properly.

Braiding your natural hair

You may find this stage a bit time-consuming and tiring. You should braid or cornrow the pieces of your natural hair one by one. Braiding or cornrowing the hair pieces is necessary so that you can add hair extensions to your natural hair in the next step.

Adding hair extensions to your natural hair

This stage will be also a lengthy and tiring process for you. You should add hair extensions to the braided or cornrowed hair pieces until you exhaust hair extensions in the packs. As a standard, 5 to 7 hair extension packs would be enough for you. If you want to have fuller and longer hair than the standard one, you can use hair extensions up to nine packs.

Final Adjustments

Adjust your baby hair. Part your wig in the way you desire. Style your wig. Now, you are ready to enjoy your majestic and definitely beautiful wig. I think it is well worth all the work and fatigue so far.

6. U Part Wig Human Hair

U part wig human hair is of the most natural, simplest and most secure wig you can buy. These wigs are quick and effortless to install and need low maintenance.

7. The Advantages of U Part Wig Human Hair

  • One of the most outstanding characteristic of U part human hair is that they can be easily installed without using any glue. That is why U part human hair is an ideal wig for beginners and lazy girls.
  • You should always prefer human hair wigs to synthetic ones. Because, human hair wigs are better quality, more durable and healthier.
  • U part wig human hair is breathable and protects your natural hair. At the same time, this wig is affordable.

Luvme Hair is your reliable wig supplier where you can find a great variety of wigs with different types, styles or colors including human hair wigs with bangs, freetress water wave and U part wig human hair. All of their wigs are 100 % human hair and guaranteed. They have easy payment options and great aftersales services.

Just choose your favorite wig and let Luvme Hair fulfill your dreams.

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